Carol George

Here I am...with my husband George (see below).

WheatsvilleWe grocery shop at Wheatsville Food Coop. About 4 thousand of us own it.


Click here for other images of George & me.

And there are 3 other members of our immediate family and a couple loiters among our pets.

And our son, Geoff, a BSEE from UT, has been employed at:

For other kid photos of Geoff see the family tree link above.


Recent Activities:
a volleyball Central Texas Amiga Computer Society, CTACS and you find out more about them at their home page. In the past I devoted a lot of time to Ecology Action of Texas and started being the maintenance guy for the website at the beginning of 2006, but was uninvited at the end of 2007! Ruta Duhon - animator
Work history: I am employed by United Technologies Corp., which owns, Pratt & Whitney, Inc., which now owns 3DID, Inc., which used to be the "scanning services" for SMS. I bicycle commute to Braker & Metric and can be reached at 873-9713 after 9:30 until 6pm.

I did nothing for a few months while learning C# and .NET 1.0 to no gain. I have worked hourly for CITA Systems, Inc.. I used to work for Safesite, Inc., for Exemplar Technologies, and for Scientific Measurement Systems as a hobby in the final year. SMS manufactured CAT scan machines intended for any object other than living matter (e.g. humans). Way before that it was Radix, Inc., Gilbert Associates, Bio-Social Center (Eugene,OR), Dept.Zoology at UT Austin, Kluth-Wyche Partners, HiFidelity Inc.

Personal history: My early rearing was shaped by life in Alice, TX. The Wyche family tree shows more.
Stuff I am seeking to can be found at the IWant page.

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