Non human life here at home

Non human life here at home

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Pets in the area

Fancypants 19?? Way earlier than 1999. Sootie 1999-01-02 Peanut 1999-04-15

Fancy locates Carol's heating pad! Fur Ball in her cat-nap pose. *12 gauge cat* used to roust out other cats. It was a 3 cat night

Black and White is a wannabe neighborhood cat. Sootie on a sofa. We sold it out from under her. Peanut Cinnamon is a neighborhood cat of many years standing Peanut, little rotten boy, is such an angel

Peanut reads to sleep Cats having words Fancy moments later Sootie moments later Sootie all stretched out

Toward the end of the summer of 2005, Sootie divorced us and went to live with the people across the street and down 2. They all moved north about 8 blocks (or so) and we haven't seen her since.


Fancy! mighty huntress with her prey behind her and here --->


Tha' prey ..


FancyPants sunning herself in the east-most south facing window's sill.

3 cats Chaos Black and White cat
Fancy, Peanut & Chaos drunk on catnip.
Chaos. It is 24 inches from the desk edge back to that red XMas paper.
Black 'n White is looking shaggy. Guess he (again) lost a regular feeding spot. Here he was making bad noises at Chaos where upon George intervened.

Chaos posing for front view showing eyes problem The kitty did it Peanut perched on edge of cat-discouraging slanted table.
2007-04-26   Chaos posing for front view showing eyes problem.
That's his one symptom for 2 weeks now. He can open his eyes, just doesn't seem to prefer it.
Answer: Horner's Syndrome. Goes away in less than 6 weeks. Otherwise... expensive vet tests will be required!
- - - - The kitty did it - - - -
The window was not open and Fancy's response?
"The blinds weren't open".
Peanut perched on edge of cat-discouraging slanted table.

For my next fe(a)t I'm gonna try sleepin' on it.

17 year old cat still getting off the ground
2007-07-21: 17 year old cat? B a r e l y  seems able to get down the back porch stairs?
Chaos' sound sleep 4 1/2 ft drop. 2007-08-01: Chaos' sound sleep 4 1/2 ft drop. Yes, he is wide, but he chooses to sleep partially draped over edges .. Fancy is always wary of the humans. 18 lbs. Thinks he's as small as a kitten.
and, pretty regularly, rolls off that edge! Good thing its a shag rug floor. He always looks groggy and embarrassed. 2007-08-09: She is about 1 meter from the 44th street curb, confident of not being molested, yet she remains wary of humans. 2007-11-09: Chaos is 18 pounds, but seems to think he's still the size of a kitten here in Carol's spinning basket (where SOMEONE is disturbing a napping cat).

Peanut protects us from the rats The 3 cats around our bed Chaos <i>cat</i>ches up on his reading
Peanut killed a rat 2007-12-09. He's a mighty hunter, too. 2008-03-10: The DayShift takes over as we all adjust to CDT. 2009-11-23: Chaos catches up on his reading.

Whose bird is this? Mine! Cats on the porch for pedistrians to admire. J & D eating off of china
2016-05-22: Whose bird is this? Why its MINE!
Says Diamond to Jet.
2018-04-25: Cats on the porch for pedistrians along Avenue F to admire. 2020-07-21: Jet and Diamond eat supper off a china ware.

Local fauna and flora

Inch worm Inch worm mushroom with a problem spiny orb spider dines on a fly
2002-03-01: Ducks in our Cedar Elm 2001-04-22: Earthday Inch Worm 2007-08-21: Mushroom disguised as sunny side up egg 2007-11-08: Scene from "ALIEN". Spiny Org spider dines on a fly
No.. I did not rotate the image.
2008-09-29: Texas heat and fur coat 2016-03-27: Texas Rat Snake
Suzanne next door pointed it out.
Penultimate next door neighbor, Michael Horowitz identified it right off.
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