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May'sArtWork15 PondNGarden038 PinkNBlue051a MsReboot20000701M door25 frostedwindow424

# 1 May's restaurant through their aquarium
# 2 Pond on our house's south side
# 3 south yard through pebbled window
# 4 Ms Reboot animation
# 5 building door at Commons Ford Ranch
# 6 Reflection off of etched glass from stained glass illuminated by the setting sun

440Cherry CherrywoodAtManor-113 insect_on_blade-107 olsonDr-115 waterNecklace-134 yoga_flowers-231

# 7 440Cherry harvest
# 8 CherrywoodAtManor-113
# 9 insect_on_blade-107
#10 olsonDr-115
#11 waterNecklace-134
#12 yoga_flowers_231

flowerinnards469 redwallbluesky-165 20010604egg_sausage387 unnamednotfound

#13 flowerinnards469 inspired by a photo by John Wood
#14 redwallbluesky-165 Red wall against a blue sky
#15 egg and sausage
#16 unnamed not found

      	    n = write (srcfd, ftpbuffer, nn);
      	    nnn = n;
      	    nnnn = nn;
      	    while (nnn < nn)
      	         if (n == 0)
      		      pf ("\n ...
#17 actual ACQUIRE source code
sunrise through the
                  front door lace
#18 fall sunrise through the front door lace
Thrifty Nickel
#19 Thrifty Ramp at least

White Coated Cinnamon Sugar Confirmation via label
#20 Ruta & Ferris Duhon decided this was a bit much for the desert party this year. Did you want sugar with your sugar? Carefully note the several ( _ ) groupings.
color composition oxymoron situation?
#21 Along 43rd in Austin's Hyde Park #22 But we knew that!
#23 Foam from the wave as it breaks upon the beach
#24 The Red Carpet Treatment
#25 More
apple and Xmas coffee cup
Carol set this apple out because it had a "bad "spot" on the bottom so she would be sure it was done away with THAT DAY. I had been drinking more that the usual amount of coffee and my favorite cups (chosen in descending order) were in the dish washer so I picked a miscellaneous one. While I waited for the coffee to make, so couldn't ignore this Xmas still life.
bush flowers in the Wyche front yard This was an end of summer, Sep 30, cool morning that I was actually up and cared enough to keep this image. Must have been energetic since I also biked to work.
ants at the oasis
Drought in Texas is sending ants to any water source like the inside of this green plastic watering can above our sink. The ants disappeared immediately after the next "rain" (of about 1/4 inch!).
recumbent's shadow against the road
Ride east, hot, shady.
Glorious day lingers,
though my days speed by.
2 green acorns in the street
In the midst of extreme drought comes..

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