Armadillo Hill Country Classic, May 8, 2004

Ferris Duhon and I did the ride once again. This was the most comfortable ride yet.

I set my alarm for 6am. As you can see the lousy alarm got me up 20 minutes early. The last time I used it was ... hmm ... on our vacation last summer for some thing. I can't recall.

I put the recumbent back on the back of the Altima. I had practiced earlier this week so it wasn't a lot of trouble. Back in the house I saw I still had 15 minutes before going over to Ferris' so I cooked some breakfast.

As I pulled up to the Duhon residence Ferris was just turning off the light and bringing his bike out the front door.

As as left the outskirts of Austin on N. 183 I remembered a new part of the roadway expansion had been completed so the drive might not take the 50-60 minutes I allotted! That would help on the way home at lunch rush hour, too.

I got there, assembled the bikes, pumped up, went around the front to get my "packet". I met Ferris at the 2 lane over to the "starting gate".. the first picture up there. If you look closely at the right edge of that photo you'll see a cousin of my recumbent, and, indeed it was also purchased from Mike Librik at Easy Street Recumbents.

We reached the #1 rest stop about 30-40 after the hour and I got more breakfast of 1/2 a bananna, some oreo-like cookies, a "powerbar" and good ol' water. Up rode Liz with her friend Julie. Liz plays volleyball with the Mike Lenherr group at Pease Park on Sunday afternoons. They are sometime players as a group, but when she started talking to Ferris, I came to find out that Liz plays on a different team from Ruta on Thursday nights. Small world.

We road on into the 2nd quarter of the trip. We got rained on twice, but both were almost mists.. my camera was never in danger. The weather is keeping everything so cool! Though my photos lack the contrast that the sun would have afforded, I'll go with the clouds. Rest stop #2 is the turnaround for the likes of Ferris and I so we hung around here taking photos, sampling (more than once) the dill pickles. A person came over and quizzed me in some detail about my recumbent and I told him to go by and see Mike Librik. By the time we cinched up the saddles we were nearly alone. Guess we dawdled.

I could swear I never came DOWN this hill, but I sure knew it going up. Being low to the ground on the recumbent makes all hills look ominous. Actually there was only one short expanse of uphill that tempted me to switch out of the largest chain wheel, but I sacrificed the knees to avoid that.

Finally around 11:30 we pulled back into the start where I chowed down on the sandwiches of Ms.Farr and complimented her on the new puppy that she got for Mother's Day. Just too cute for words. I'll bet Bob doesn't take long to work it into an ACA column.

Slogging our way home through noon 183 traffic was no fun, though. I turned on the air conditioner somewhere near Bon and John's. I had to stop once to encourage our bikes to quit knocking on the trunk. It was a hair past 1 when I dropped Ferris.

The afternoon found me hand mowing the neighbors and my lawn, weeding part of her backyard to reduce the beggar's lice count and then edging everything in sight, THEN a shower supper and Carol, John Wood and I took in the annual Ears and Feet concert at UT. Don't think I could ask for a fuller, diverse day.

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