BTW People References

References to people shown in the BTW happy hour photos

Raul Alvarez

A current city council member

Eric Anderson

Organizer of this Happy Hour

Amy Babich

Co-owner of Easy Street Recumbents, Amy is a book author. She is a constant bicycle life proponent as can be seen from frequent letters to the editor in the Austin Chronicle. She has run for City Council twice.

Jeb Boyt

President of AMTG

Robin Cravey

Attorney at Law, long time environmental activist, poet, and assistant to city council member Daryll Slusher.

Jamie Crawford

Clean Water Fund

Lloyd Doggett

Honorable Doggett is our US representative to Congress. Check his website at or send him email at

David Foster

Clean Water Fund

Jackie Goodman

A current and long time city council member

Beverly Griffith

A current city counil member

Mike Librik

Co-owner of Easy Street Recumbents and host of KOOP's "The Bike Lane".

Melissa Miller

Assistant to Lloyd Doggett and organizer of Bike To Work's Breakfast Stations

Kathryn Otto

Organizer of Bike To Work's Breakfast Stations

Anne Phillips

TCP, Texas Community Project

Trevor Reichman

TCP, Texas Community Project

Michael Zakes

Long time, owner of Waterloo Cycles, 29th & Fruth. Lately Waterloo Cycles is the site of Friday night's Austin Bike-In Theatre. See the Austin Chronicle's "File Series & Other Screenings" for a description.

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