May 4, 2001 BikeToWork, Upper Crust Bakery

May 4, 2001 BikeToWork, Ruta Maya Happy Hour

Help me with people's names. Red dotted people I know. Who else is here? Email me with answers at
Kathryn Otto, Michael Zakes, Lee Gresham, Amy Babich
Lloyd Doggett, Raul Alvarez, Melissa Miller, Dakota ?, Michael Carlson
Tommy Eden
Matt Baskin, Mike Librik, Karen Krueger
Dave Dobbs, Scott Johnson
Amy Babich, Michael Carlson, Beverly Griffith, Robin Cravey, Jeb Boyt, Jamie Crawford, Richard Fawal, Mike Blizzard
Tommy Eden's bike, Robin Cravey
Michael Zakes' Kona Cinder Cone
Bob Farr's extendabike, Richard Fawal's Kona Fire Mountain
Will Crawford
Jackie Goodman
Eric Anderson, Michael Carlson
Trevor Reichman, David Foster, Kathryn Otto
Trevor Reichman, Mr. & Ms. Anderson, son Eric Anderson, Beverly Griffith Emile ?, Anne Phillips
Scott Johnson
Beverly Griffith
Anne Phillips
Robin Stallings
Eric Anderson, packed up after the show

May 11, 2001 BikeToWork Thank yous at Ruta Maya

Melissa Miller, ?, David Foster, Kathryn Otto, ? in the foreground, Eric Anderson in the Ruta Maya T-shirt

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