Instructions for replacing your Commodore A1200's internal floppy drive with an AMTrade A357 high density drive.

This takes about an hour and you will need:
Tool short name
Phillips #2 screwdriver the Phillips
Needle nose pliers the pliers
4 mm flat head screwdriverthe flathead
3 smooth bottom cups the cup
Other terms:
Floppy Drive the floppy
light metal covering the electronics inside the shroud
Quick rundown on the order of things:


Turn off the A1200.

Remove all connectors from it.

Turn it over so space bar is on your lap and nearer your body than your knees.

  | #7 #8                                      |
  | -----------------------------------------  |
  | |                                       |  |
  | |                                       |  |
  | |                                       |  |
  |#6                                       #1 |
  |_|                                       |__|
    |                                       |
    |                                       |
    |                                       |
    |                                       |
    |                                    #2 |
    |                                       |
    | #5              #4               #3   |

          Figure 1.  Bottom of A1200
Use the Phillips to remove screws #1 -> #8, putting #3,#7 & #8 in a second cup so those machine screws won't get mixed up with the non-machine screws.

Grasp A1200 by the ends, flip it over, knees to body direction. Lift edge at keyboard up toward your body and stand the cover against your chest.

Locate where the keyboard ribbon cable plugs into the motherboard. Using needle nose pliers gently raise one side of the keyboard connector socket about 1 mm, then the other side the same. Alternate until it resists. Now the stiff cable can be easily withdrawn. Lift the function key edge of the keyboard about 20mm, slide the keyboard toward your chest, and lift the space bar edge up and rest it in the lid you raised to your chest earlier.

Remove the lid LED power cable where it joins the motherboard by rocking it left and right slightly while tugging. Look at the end ( oxooo ) to see that it is keyed for "no error" replacement later. Put the keyboard and lid off to the side on a table.

if you have an internal hard disk, remove it & its cable now.

Remove the floppy 4 wire power cable from the motherboard by using the flathead to gently pry back the plastic pusher while rocking the connector sideways and tugging until it comes up.

Using the pliers gently raise one side then the other to remove the floppy ribbon connector from the mother board.

             |                                       |
             |                                       |
             |                                       |
             |                                       |
             |                                       |
             |                                       |
             |                                       |
             |      .____                            |
             |      |#9 #10                          |
             | .____|H___.                           |
             | |     H   |                           |
             | |         |                           |
             | |         |                           |
             | |_________|                           |

               Figure 2.  Floppy restrainer
Remove the floppy restraining bracket screws #9 (and #10 if you have one!) into cup number 3, because these non-machine screws are longer than the ones on the bottom. Lift out the floppy. On a table (hopefully in front of you) stand it on its side, connectors facing you. Stand the A357 in a like manner next to the old one. Transfer the bracket (not the bottomplate!) and the 2 connectors from the old to the new. Use the flathead to pry back the plastic cilp when removing the power cable (after seeing if it won't--just come off!). Lovingly set the old floppy aside, as you may be putting it back in if the new floppy is bad.

On the new one there is an AMTrade label that wraps around the edge of the floppy that is against the table. The far end of it obscures a mounting screw hole on the bottom of the floppy. Tear off the corner, revealing the hole.

Now the exciting fun of removing the shroud.

|                       another long one   front lip                   |
|                       #12                vvvvvvvvv                   |
|                     .___________________________________________ clip|
|                     | ._.                                       |.__.|
|                     | |X|                                       ||  ||
|                     | | |                                       ||  ||
|                     |                                           ||O ||
|                     |                                           ||__||
|                     |                                           |___.|
|                     |                                               ||
|                     |                                               ||
|                     |                                               ||
|                     |                                               ||
|                     |                                               ||
|                     |                                               ||
|                     |           .______________.                    ||
|                     |           |              |                    ||
|                     |           |              |                    ||
|                     |           |              |                    ||
|                     |           |______________|                    ||
|                     |    .__________.    .___.      .___.           ||
|                     |    |          |    |   | O  O |   |           ||
|                     |    |          |    |___|      |___|           ||
|          T8         | T10*       T11*                 .___.         ||
|      ._________.    |    |          |                 |   |        *||T1
|      |._. * ._.|    |    |          |                 |   |         ||
|      ||_|   |_||    |    |          |                 |   |         ||
|      |         |_T9_|    |          | .__.     O  O   |   |         ||
|      |         | *       |          | |  |        .___|   |         ||
|    T7|*        |         |____  ____| |__|        |       |         ||
|      |         |.____.         .... ._____.       |______/  .______.||
|      |          |FFF |        x.U7. |     |                 |      |||
|      |          |CCC |         .... |_____|                 |______|||
|      |          |____|                                             *||T2
|      |____*____________*_________________*________________*_________||
|          T6           T5                T4               T3          |

                           Figure 3.  Shroud Detail

Undo screw #12 putting it in cup number 3. On the other end slide the clip off, feeling the thickness of the fit for later reference when putting it back on. Using the flathead bend up tabs T1->T9 (not T10 or T11). "Over" bend them a little. This is so they won't get caught on the unfortunate side of the shroud hole they are supposed to go back into. Starting with the edge of the shroud away from you, ease the shroud up from the tabs working all the way around a little bit at a time until the whole thing comes up.

Here comes the dexterity part. With the floppy in your left hand, dangle the red wire with the chip clip through the floppy connector hole marked

in Figure 3, while raising the shroud with your right hand. Now push the shroud away from you until you can see all of U7. (You should be able to see the white letters U7 where you see the x on Figure 3.) Set the shroud down and the place the floppy on top of it. Move the chip clip over and place it on top of U7 so the red wire is on the side toward the floppy. All the little tines will be visible, clawing over the top of U7. Set it down on U7. It will feel a little bit loose. Using both thumb fingernails mash down. You may hear or feel it snap in place. It must be snug or you did not push hard enough.

Lift the floppy and position the shroud so the tab holes are approximately over the tabs. Now the floppy has enough slack, so set it edge-on on your lap between your belly and the A1200. Lift the shroud with both hands and position it over T3->T6. You must be sure to get tabs T2 and T7 inside the shroud edge by flexing, not bending, them a little (being as they have a natural inclination to be outside since you followed my directions about "over" bending them slightly). Push down just enough so the tabs will come on through when you mash down later. Lastly, play with T1, T2 and T7->T9 until they also are clearly showing through their holes. Mash the shroud down. Before you bend the tabs down check NOW that every tab is back through its hole. Ease the front lip over the one on the motherboard if it got stuck inside. Put the clip back on. The side that is threaded should be visible. Replace #12 from cup three. (Don't cross thread it by accident). If all fit comfortably, then you should bend the nine tabs down with your thumb (so no sharp bends are formed).

Replace the floppy ribbon connector with the red edge toward the floppy.

Replace #9 (and #10 if you had one) from cup three.

Replace the floppie power cable, red toward the floppy.

Turn the A1200 over and replace #7 and #8 from cup two. Turn the A1200 back over.

If you had an internal drive, replace it, making sure the bracket goes all the way down (thwarting its tendency not to).

Bring the keyboard lid back to stand edge-on in your lap against your chest. Replace the lid LED power supply cable, green toward the floppy. (Its keyed so you will get it right.)

Fold the keyboard back over the A1200. Don't cramp its green ribbon cable. Slide it under the plastic tabs at the space bar edge of the A1200. Use the pliers on the 2 edges of the keyboard connector to pull it up. While continuing to hold up one side, use the other hand to ease the cable back into the slot. It has to go all the way down or your keyboard won't work. Not getting it down is the number 1 problem I have had, so try to get it right. While holding the cable down and back, push the 2 edges of the connector down until all the way down. Make a visual inspection to assure yourself the cable doesn't look askew.

Fit the lid over the keyboard keys. Lift up the number pad side (to your left I hope) and encourage the lid LED power supply wires away from the edge and into the shroud.

Pinch the lid and bottom at the back of the A1200 (near your belly) until in snaps into place.

Turn it over and replace #2 from cup 2, the machine screw first, so you can mindlessly hurry through the remainder of the screws, flip it over, reconnect the plugs, turn it on, put a high density floppy in the drive.
Click on SYSTEM
Click on FORMAT and see that requester gloriously reveal:

       DF0: (1760K capacity)
Mine, of course, had problems, even with
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