An algae smell prompted me to go under the house. Just east of where Biggs Plumbing replaced a copper end cap (#1 in photo one) I saw the wet place shown as #5 in the 2nd picture. Above it is a rather steady drip from the T-intersection shown as #3.

While I was there I saw a glisten that turned out to be #2 which is obscured in photos one and two.

I seek to have #2 and #3 fixed.

Lastly, in photo one there is a #4 which is a pipe that is touching the repair Biggs Plumbing did. If I "thump" the repaired copper pipe, it noisely bounced against #4. I am concerned that regular water starts and stops will cause wear of the piping along there. The old, lower pipe, #4, is loose. I bumped into it with my head. I believe that it is a left over relic that is disconnected everywhere, but was left laying there by whoever made that disconnect. I have no idea when or who that might of been. Can I have the plumber determine if it is utterly unused? And if so, propose to me whatever it would take to get it out from under the house?

All the photos can be left mouse button clicked to get to a 640x480 version of these 360x240 versions.

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