Temporary care of Diamond and Jet

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By Phone: Feeding:
If additional food is needed it is stored in the cabnet below the kitchen cook top. There are also at least a couple cans just inside their door to the house (near the pond).

Cans are best opened via the pull tab. Most are NOT amenable to a can opener. The cans contain one of Pate', Flaked, and Shredded.

For Pate' I use a plastic knife to cut the "pie" in two. One half for each cat. For convenience I further divide each half so it is easier to dig the food out on to a plate.

The others are best dealt with by use of plastic spoons.

At each meal I put a "measure" of dry food onto each plate next to the wet food.

Breakfast - I put a bit of milk in the small saucers.

Supper - I put 4 "treats" on each plate and dump the dry on top of them.

Cat litter - They are no longer willing to use litter boxes. They "go" where they will. They /never/ soil the inside of the house.

In & Out: These cats are welcome to be indoors or outdoors, I don't care. And so far ... they don't wander.

Illness: The cat carrier is for transporting cats as the occasion arises:

	  2908 N. IH 35 Austin, TX 78705
	 (512) 476-9191
	  After-Hours Emergency: (512) 331-6121
It *will* take more than one person to get a cat into the carrier (unless severely ill). A last resort is to disassemble the carrier, hold the cat on the floor of the bottom and the assistant place top half over the top. Once a couple of screws are holding the thing together, attach the door (practice ahead of time) while not letting the cat exit!

Call me and I will provide a credit card number to the vet office..


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