Leaning backyard tree

A wind and rain storm on Wednesday April 27, early in the morning pushed one of my backyard trees over in the direction of the north side of my house.

Before going to work I inspected my rain gutter and was puzzled about why it had come down, but assumed something had hit it and looked no further. Only Wednesday evening after work (and dark) I got close to the tree and saw it was leaning AND the dirt around the tree's west side had risen.

It was way after hours for businesses, so I emailed The Good Guys Tree Service for help. Thursday, their representative was able to come by to assess the situation while I was at work. He texted his recommendation that the tree should be removed before it fell on the house (which is the direction in which it is leaning). His information would result in an estimate for the work.

On Friday before leaving for work about 11:00 a.m. I took the above 2 photos. That is Marilou Moseley in the photo. It was also viewed by my next door neighbor and her children as they were leaving via their driveway.

Later, the estimate was transmitted to me both by texting and by email. I accepted that service order and received a copy of the estimate and an indication for service in a pdf that afternoon. The work is expected to commence the morning of Monday, May 2nd.

The tree is 19 inches in diameter so I thought I better OK this work with the City of Austin who has rules about tree destruction for ones of such a size.

I haven't had work of this magnitude done before, so I am trying to contact my house insurer, USAA, about any concerns they have... like responsibilities accepted by the Good Guys Tree Service. And I will look on The Good Guys Tree Service for reassuring words. Yep. "We are fully insured for our customer's protection".

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