Twins Saga as of August 15, 2015

Our bookends pining for the outdoors. However, Jet's interest flags first, and hassles his sister Diamond.
Several things in this picture.
  • The Japanese themed plate is for the twin's dry food (that pink sack to the right) which is up here to keep it away from from Peanut who is convinced its manna from heaven. But, instead, its the sure way to get a plugged uretha and a $700 vet bill to unplug him for the 3rd time. At his age we'll probably tell the doc to "off 'em" and set aside the $700 for "other" cat care.
  • Diamond (to the right with the blue collar) in particular has it down pat to leap and catch both fore claws on the top edge of any drawer, push with the hind legs, causing the drawer to extend, allowing her to scramble up and over into the drawer. Jet makes standing leap into the same drawer, thereby expending less effort!
  • On occasion they will disappear into the back of the drawer and over the end into the "cave" behind the drawers. That is liable to lead to mewling later after the drawers getting perfunctorily shut. "Where's that sound coming from?"
This shows the flowers sent by Elspeth, Rob, and Tanya for Carol's 70th birthday August 1st (which we celebrated by Carol's first restaurant outing since early June when her leg broke). Black cats are hard to see.. in photographs and in real life. That table sits here so Carol can more conveniently move through the room with the wheelchair or with the walker.
OK! The twins get to try the outdoors. We didn't want them pulling Carol over, hence the dining room chair. You know its Jet thanks to the red collar. Difficult to see, but Diamond is leashed. Note her distinctly focused stare at a "song bird" in the jungle canopy. It is quite bright outside. Could Diamond further narrow her irises? In the "big picture" version you can make out Jet on the other side of Carol. That foot rest if for Carol's still sort right left if she should flex it to either 0 or 90 degrees. Rehabilitation help for that continues.

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