Kitten Saga as of July 9, 2015

2015-05-19   Kittens transported to "home". "We like it in here." 2015-05-24   "I guess we've torn up *home-base 1* enough. What's next?"
Carol's aching right leg warrants a cane.
2015-05-24   Jet wonders, "If Diamond can, can I?"

2015-05-24   I found it very difficult to photograph these kittens... Jet in particular. This SLR makes a click which makes both run to hide. 2015-05-28   Of *course* Diamond is sitting on Carol's sore knee. Diamond's speed is discernible. The camera "click" can't be be even as long as a 1/4 of a second. Diamond has to hear it, then accelerate to a viewing position (and then ***away***!). Click on this image to see the blur trail of Diamond's eyes. 2015-05-28   Peanut's been utterly avoiding these kittens for 9 days now. MUCH harder to do now that the kittens are welcome to the run of the house.

2015-05-28   Title: Dachshund_cat 2015-05-31   Heating pad on leg; Jet on pad. 2015-06-06   That's Diamond attacking the living room light post while precariously perched on the top row of our aged CD collection.

On Thursday morning, June 5th, Carol plopped back about 20 inches to a "futon". Her aching leg was suddenly very much more painful. Long (I mean it) story short, Friday, around noon, people at St. David's Hospital South, determined she had broken that leg. Sunday morning she had 20 inches of her right leg's bones replaced, including all of her knee except the patella. There was a patch of cancer there that had weakened the bone so that it broke easily. A full skeleton scan also showed a small spot on the 6th spine bone (counting from the top), which will be done away with by her oncologist's plan. She was transferred to the St. David's Rehabilitation Hospital on Wednesay, June 10th.

Carol was longing for her kittens, having missed them for just over 9 days, so with the phenomenal help of long time friend Dick Shocket we brought the kittens to her in the courtyard.

She finally got to come home Tuesday, June 23rd.

2015-06-12   Diamond found that she can move Carol's spinning wheel. Both cats have a special interest in the numerous balls of yarn around the room. 2015-06-13   See paragraph above. That wheelchair is her rather constant companion through the middle of July 2015-06-18   We've had rain around here for the last 10 weeks and today was cool and wet. I let the clone cats contemplate the outdoors.

More pictures to come, but still shots (mine, anyway) do not evoke the fur(ry)ious commotions these two kittens commit. I have no experience with videos. Editing stills is time consuming enough, I don't have time to do interesting "kitten" videos.... I'd have a LOL of competition.

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