2015 Memorial Day Flood - Hyde Park

map of where photos were taken Home Shipe W. Shipe m Shipe E Duval Park Ave Hancock HP Bar & Grill Speedway Rain started at the end of the 1st week of May, 2015 and had only 3 days from then to 2015-05-26 without rain in the Travis County area. 18 inches of rain was common.

Saturday night, May 23, brought threat of tornado starting from the S.W. near Dripping Springs through the west side of IH35 and off toward Bryan, TX. Maybe not a tornado, but "shear" winds with speeds thought to peak at 75 mph hit many areas. As it passed, leaves, limbs, and many, many trees all came down. Electricity was knocked for many hours in disparate parts of town, including portions of Hyde Park.

Monday afternoon, Memorial Day, around 4pm, an hour long deluge flooded all creeks in Austin. Waller Creek is one of those and cuts right through the middle of Hyde Park and continues through the Hancock Neighborhood.

As the deluge eased many neighbors ventured outside and I was one of those. Armed with a camera, an umbrella, and sandals I took photos 1st of our house, then Shipe Park, Ave G @ 45th, Duval @ 45th, Park Ave at Waller Creek, 41st at Waller Creek, and Hancock Golf course. I ended with a hook back to Speedway @ 45th in the waning light. Quite a sight!

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Our house

Shipe Park (West)

Shipe Park (middle)

Shipe Park (East)

Duval at 45th

Park Ave at Waller Creek

    41st at Waller Creek
+ into Hancock Gold Course

cars + Hyde Park Bar & Grill + cars

Speedway at 45th

Bet our garage got WET!

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