Halloween 2014

With Carol's troubles I was the dispenser of Trick-or-Treat candy. Nobody except our next door neighbor, Jane, commented on the altered setup, but it meant no photos and a late supper. I enjoyed the kids as much as ever. The arrival of a small cold front has brought a chill once the sun was nearly set. Seeing these neighbors in the park in summer clothes putting their arms around their shoulders marks my open acknowledgement of fall. The change underlined my sweeping pecan leaves from the back porch the next evening. This afternoon, before any visitors and it was warm, I swept leaves from the walks that approach our door, picking up sticks so kids wouldn't step on them. This morning was putting up decorations, cutting the FairyTale squash. It was different.

Maybe there are spirits around here... Murphy! The little giant pond pump is non-functional, the rice steamer stopped functioning, then the 300watt Halogen tourchy died horribly. I'd placed it below the rail on the ground. It was there to shine light back on my face,the scary face in the window, and the largish hanging bat. I'd even gotten some "sun blocks" for an even support, but several hours later we heard a crash. When the light metal dish's edge hit the turf, one of the 3 joints in the 72 inch pole snapped.

Turns out there several hundred people are so attached to their torchies they post on an internet blog that reaches back to 2006. Facinating reading as posters pour their hearts about the lack of adequate replacements. I did not post, but am now fortified with resolve to repair THIS torchy.

I include this morning's breakfast fumbling on Murphy: moved the skillet to allow the stove flame to the edge to finish the cooking. The pan edge moved the grease crock. Sigh. We don't use cans enough to always have one on hand when a new interior container is called for, so I used a plastic square that held romano grated cheese (American). So that box doesn't sink below the top of the crock, so.. the top (prevent bugs) does not settle well. Well, the bump caused the top to slide just enough to lose its center of gravity and with Murphy's close associate, gravity, carried it down to the center of our "Port of Aransas" spoon rest, smashing it into pieces.

Oh well, it had a millimeter chip through the glaze causing a glaring flaw. Hear that, Murphy? I'm glad it happened. (Actually, it sits, on the mend with JB Weld.) Carol will get back to Port ofAransas next May.

So. Where were we? I discovered that 2 cups of FairyTale squash pulp roasts down quite a bit. I pureed it in our La' Machine. Lacking cheese clothe I transferred it to a our coffee maker with a Miletta paper filter. Hours later I tore that apart and into a plastic storage container. Hah. I have 1/2 cups. Guess I'll be make a "pumpkin tart".

The seeds were plentiful. I washed them 3 times to more easily separate them and the pulp strands. I let the seeds stand in salted water for a couple hours. Drained them and then in the oven with them at 250o for what seemed like forever.

Halloween 2014 draws to a close. Decorations are in the attic, the FairyTale meets its finish over days with a squat candle by dark. Messing with that and scattering the seeds on salads for the next couple of weeks will keep the memory alive. (That's a Day of the Dead reference.)

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