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Hyde Park Neighborhood Contact Team
ChairKaren McGraw
Vice ChairDavid Conner
SecretaryLianna Mills and Mity Myhr
Meeting Announcement for 2014-01-27 + 2 additions
Hyde Park Neighbor Contact Team meeting
Monday January 27, 2014 at 7pm
Trinity United Methodist Church (40 & Speedway).

AgendaAbbreviation of links below
[Recognized Chris Riley + Staff before all else] 45 minutes by 10 members with several comments by Chris.
1. Updates on previous actions - Light rail planning A map supplied by Adrian was much discussed. Efforts will be made to get updates from Scott Morris and Kirk Watson about effects of the twisty buses and the Medical School. Kevin Heyburn to take up a mutually hosted meeting about this with the HPNA Steering Committee.
2. Update on City Land development code rewrite. Doris Coward and Karen McGraw want HPNA's work that bares directly on "Form Based" design sent to the CodeNEXT contractors.
3. Consider initiating NCCD revisions to clarify that garage regulations also apply to carports. No action.
Addition to Contact Team Meeting Agenda, January 27

No action
Discuss new UT development along Waller Creek and consider a letter to the City Council and UT officials. In view of UT's independent nature we decided that it best to visit with City flooding expert Steve Shunk then write a letter to UT based on that advice.

New Business: 4. Election of Officers

Chair: Pete Gilcrease, Vice Chair: Lianna Mills, Secretary: Mity Myhr
New Business Addition: Discuss proposed occupancy limits and consider a resolution. No resolution was made.


Note that the next meeting will be April 28, 2014.

Chair Karen McGraw called the meeting to order about 7:05pm. Attendance was taken, 19 voting members + 2 visitors: Chris Riley and a staff member whose name I failed to record. To general agreement Karen gave Austin Councilman Riley the floor.

Councilman Riley addressed the meeting asking for our thoughts about the "Occupancy Limits issue". What followed was a conversation chaired by Karen McGraw who gave various members the floor. Here is a gist of those interactions:

We thanked Councilman Riley for his time and attention and moved on to the posted agenda.
Light rail planning
It looks like there will be a "loop" including Airport to 53rd, then along Duval. That info came from Adrian Skinner. He posted a map to the HP list serve on Jan. 17. No one cited the map's lineage.

Scott Morris is among the most knowledgeable on Light Rail. Twisty buses are a game changer. Karen McGraw asked for Kirk Watson to talk about the Medical School and its pressure on light rail. Maybe this group can join HPNA to secure a time and venue for him to tell us more about light rail plans being considered. This should be before our next meeting which is at the end of April. Member Kevin Heyburn, also co-president of HPNA, will take the idea to HPNA at their meeting Feb. 3rd.

City Land development code rewrite
Karen McGraw said that HPNA has studied this issue multiple times over the years which should be made available to the contractors. Wanda Penn related a friend's observation that in living East of IH35, north of Mueller, she has found non-auto transporation along 51st back and forth across IH35 has become more difficult over the last few years.

Karen McGraw said that SF zoning will come in many flavors and include more "tools". She encourages the rewrite of code not be based "on the ground".

Doris Coward talked about the "Form Based" design for Airport Blvd and its possible impact on the codeNEXT work.

Karen McGraw said that work done by HPNA in the last 10 years is the best example of form based design that exists here in Austin.

David Conner said that Thur., Jan. 30th is the next opportunity to see members of the codeNEXT at the 7pm meeting of the Ridgetop neighborhood.

NCCD revisions
We were to consider initiating revisions to our NCCD to clarify that garage regulations also apply to carports. There was no dissention, but there was no call for action at this time.
UT development along Waller Creek
No one had any hard data about an announcement by UT to do some (re?)development at their intramural fields along 51st street. Somebody mentioned synthetic fields. Thanks to several people the name "Steve Shunk" was remembered as the flooding expert who came to the April 22, 2013 meeting of HPNA. We should ask him if he has heard about this and seen anything of the plans. Karen McGraw took this as a cue to attempt to drum up interest among our members to "do" some of this work that we are generally wanting to do. Help!

Kevin Heyburn alerted members that the HPNA meeting next Monday will be at the Griffin School which is 1 block east of Duval on 50th. He urged members to attend because political consultant, David Butts will talk about the new landscape for District 9 in City Council districting. Further he said (the point of his statement) HPNA would invite Kirk Watson for the March meeting.

Election of Officers
Larry Gilg exclaimed, "We should thank Karen and David to their service for us over these several years!" to which an enthusiastic applause was given. Someone joshed that V.Chair David should run for Chair, and Karen could run for V.Chair, thereby keeping things much the same. There was a pause and Karen said she didn't want it. She meant that. She also said she wouldn't deny us if we voted for such a thing.

David was nominated for Chair and so was Pete Gilcrease. Someone asked for the nominees to speak to their nominations. We got a good laugh when David said he wanted to promote "collusion", slapped his brow, "collaboration", but gaffaws and "this is Austin, not Washington" filled the air. David said he would use the knowledge gained as DRC chair for HPNA, would be frank, transparent, and upfront as Chair. Pete, more subdued in his words, said he would focus on the Neighborhood Plan, the City's reason for forming these Contact Teams. He said if we vote on something he would poll neighbors and/or get the pulse of interest.

Pete won by a 9 to 6 vote of raised hands.

Larry Gilg nominated Lianna Mills for Vice Chair. Given that Lianna is our current co-secretary, it is understandable that the only objection I can recall was from her co-secretary (bemoaning) the increased work load. Lianna was elected by acclamation.

Likewise, Mity Myhr was (re)elected Secretary, (sole secretary).

Proposed Occupancy Limits
It was pointed out the City Planning Dept. has a meeting Tue., Jan. 28th. There was some confusion and Feb. 13th was mentioned.
Way overtime, the meeting was adjourned, but, as usual many smaller conversations continued about which no notes were taken.
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