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2013-08-07 - question list


Click to be able to read the screen shot.

Relevent are:

    CFE>port 0:1/9 enabled (high speed)
    USB bus 0 device 2: vendor 0930 product 6544 class 08: Mass-Storage Device
    USBMASS: Unit 0 connected
    CFE> ramdisk -z -addr=0x24000000 -fs=iso atapi0.1:install/powerpc64/initrd.gz
    CFE> setenv bootargs "root=/dev/ramdisk"
    CFE> boot -elf -noints -fatfs usbdisk0:vmlinux-3.8.7
    returning from prom_init
hangs with thumbdrive blinkety-blink

I have verified the CD I made from debian-7.1.0-powerpc-netinst.iso.

I unarced kernel-3.8.7x1000.tar.gz to ram:, and then unarced kernel-3.8.7x1000.tar to ram:, then dragged the contents of ram:kernel-3.8.7x1000 to the thumb drive. Here is that thumbdrive:

Directory "KINGSTON:" on Wednesday 07-Aug-13
3.8.7X1000                      Dir ----rwed Sunday    14:21:16
vmlinux-3.8.7              12652220 ----rwed 13-Apr-13 13:06:34
.Trashes                        Dir ---a-wed Yesterday 21:16:00
._.Trashes                     4096 -----wed Yesterday 21:16:00
2 files - 12M bytes - 2 directories - 24738 blocks used
This is a stock X1000 from AmiKit, May 2012.

I took the thumb drive over to my wife's iBook and used the disk utility to check it out. It confirmed that the format was FAT and it complained about all the files having long names. That was it. It seemed to see everything just fine.

I'm not sure what to try next. A compact flash? I know nothing about compact flash. Nothing.
  • How much does it cost? A lot? or a little?
  • How do I ask for the right thing?
  • Are there other uses for it after I get it to help me build Debian on my PATA drive?
  • Once I have a Linux system going, will I need the compact flash?
  • Will I need it to install a later Debian system?
  • or just to upgrade sometime to vmlinux-#.#.#?

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