2012 Halloween at 4314 Avenue F

17:53 - it begins
17:54 - we weren't ready!
17:55 - Numero Uno
18:12 - Lorre deals
18:12 - The genesis
18:19 - Carol dons a costume
18:19 - Orderly and measured
18:51 - Sunset is past
18:52 - Earl
18:54 - Gettin' weird
18:55 - Apparitions!
& we had no DOG treats.
18:56 - headless tricksters!
18:56 - Glow in the boxwoods
and corona vine.
We kept at it for another hour, but it really was too dark for this photographer. We had about 350 trick-or-treaters (500 treats). I couldn't photograph anyway, because there were points where TOGETHER we were delivering with BOTH hands! The best costume was the Washing machine & Dryer twins. The "bacon" gets a special mention. The "bumble-bee Keeper" is dear to our heart, since that is what Carol and I did for Geoff's first Halloween (at 6 weeks old). We were flowers and were constantly passing the baby between us. Not original, but it was unique to party we were at.

I didn't realize that I had small scratch over my right eye that bled just enough to be clearly visible. Nobody ever mentioned that, nor the Prokofiev's "Flaming Angel" music I played through the windows.

Even MORE curious was at the Duhon party, I had removed my custom (except for the still red blood mark) and STILL nobody mentioned it. Later, Carol said she thought all of this was my intent. Nope. Totally oblivious (as usual).

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