a.k.a. Kissing bug, a.k.a. Assassin bug

On the inside of our front screen door.
Animalia - Arthropoda - Insecta - Hemiptera - Heteroptera - Cimicomorpha - Reduviidae - ?

The Austin American Statesman had an article on this guys cousin in yesterday's paper. You had to go to page B4 to find a sentence that said "there is no reason to panic". The front page said, "Get bit... and die!" They called it a "Kissing bug", but as kids we called them assassin bugs.

This bug "type" has been known to me all of my life. I encountered it as a child as I was running around outside in Alice, TX, 200 miles south of here.

Texas has lots of dangerous things... there are even songs about that. Like just about anything that crawls it does bad and it does good. I was always hoping to see the assassin bug assassinate another bug, but never did.

I refuse panic over this bug.

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