Mud... CLAY mud
Sept 16 -> Oct 7

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This is about the bicycle right of way on the south side of 53rd, just west of Sunshine. Round about July 1 "the city" blocked half of the whole street one day, dug up the road, water was every where. I stopped to help a blind guy who'd walked up from over at 45th. He had wandered into the parking lot (protected by fence) but was sure to encounter all the work trucks etc. But, "the city" cleared out in a couple days and left orange cones behind. A month later on my daily commute I saw they were gone, but the mess in the attached picture was not removed. It is still there a month after that.

I contacted the city using this photo on Sept. 19. It was acknowledged and the receiver forwarded the matter to "ROW Management" on Sept. 25th.





Here it is nearly 3 weeks later with (finally) some RAIN predicted and that clay was going to be a very real hazard for those to happened along this portion of the bike lane.

So on this humid morning I collected a shovel and broom and drove my car (spit) to this place. I spent from 9:15 to 10:45 shoveling the clay/mud into the grass on the other side of the side walk. I have no idea if that sward is the city's right-of-way or it belongs to "someone else". Getting 95% of it out of the bike lane is not enough. A thin layer of clay is more dangerous because the huge amount is self limiting. You CANNOT ride through it. You sink in. Not so this thin layer (however much THIN is, I don't know). So I used a broom to sweep all along there, too.

I hope it will be enough.

Here it what it looked like 11am Thursday, Oct. 7, 2011.
This is looking east. That darker part against the curb is the drying roadbase. Clay holds water. It hadn't rained. It sprinkled sometime last week. Clay and bikes spell trouble.
Looking east. Heavy clay. At my feet Looking west. More clay..
I wish this last photo showed an even cleaner gutter. It doesn't emphasize that what you see there is the result of a lot of sweeping. Those sweepings are too hard to get up with the shovel I brought.

It is an minor matter, but I did not even one time stand in the bike lane doing this work when a vehicle passed by (bike nor car nor truck).
What does it take to shame the city to keep these hazards away?

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