Austin Bike To Work 2011-05-20

The last time I reported on Bike To Work was May 21, 2010.

Though John was willing to get up on a day off for him to come over to the Peddler at 53rd & F, he wasn't enthusiastic, so I waved him off the day before and set my aim for what would surely be an underutilized BTW station at the way north Austin train stop.

However, I'm getting ahead of the story. Thursday, I arrived home from work later than usual and saw a lot of lights over in Shipe Park.... Bike lights! Here is what it was...

The large weekly ride from the Facebook group Social Cycling Austin that popularized social cycling in Austin. "If you have spent more than 5 minutes in this town then you know the live music scene is pretty incredible." With literally hundreds of acts to chose from, it's a scene that's rich in tradition. After our ride this week we are checking out some bands at one of the oldest and most famous of all of the dive bar/ live music venues in the city. We hit the streets with a few hundred bike friends, have some hangout time at a park, then ...
That was from

I eschewed coffee and breakfast and got off to an early commute (for me) at 8:15am. I foolishly went to the transportation maintenance depot on Burnet road a few blocks north of U.S. 183. The (very large) guard there stone facedly suggested I was probably lookin for the Kramer Lane Station. Hmmm. I travel all along Kramer to get to work by car and recalled no such station. Does Kramer go east of Lamar? Not likely. Must be further west than the Braker | Kramer intersection. That would be north of Braker then?

Well, you see that I found it. It and lots of breakfast tacos thanks to Elsi's Restaurant. I ate a lot of those tacos. There was also orange juice which I surely drank, ... but no coffee. No problem, there would be some a work.

This was supposed to be a learning experience about the train, but, Ha!, nobody I talked to had ever ridden the train! I stuck around until 9am and it was time for them to close up shop.

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