Halloween 2010, Sunday

I played volleyball at Gullett from 5-7pm and bicycled home with a Lone Ranger style mask on. There were Trick-or-Treaters all out and around. As I came east on 44th I had to stop because of the revelers. Our house was completely dark! I found Carol in the back saying that all 300 pieces of candy were gone. This is about 7:20pm. Jeez!. I didn't even get out of my VB costume and hurried over to Fresh Plus. The several clerks were all in costume. Very festive. I spent another $12 on candy, about another 200 pieces (hang the price). There wasn't much left! And I wasn't the only one with last minute purchases.

We set up shop out front again. Carol said I had missed Josh Ellinger and youngster come by. Carol had developed a headache but did sit out front with me while I lite the pumpkin, arranged light, and took lame photos. We sure had some cute Trick-or-Treaters. One was only about 6-weeks old. Everyone was pleasant and the weather was just great.

That candy lasted for another hour (200/60 = 3+ candies/minute steadily). Steven Maher and his children came by. I was pleased, though I scolded him about not showing up for volleyball lately. About 8:45 we redarkened the house and I left Carol at home to bicycle (still in my promised costume) to the Duhon's for the tail end of their party.

At the party there was delicious pate', blueberry beer, and when the Gravious (what would the plural be?) arrived we all got a truly grand tour of Ferris and Ruta's now finished home-remodeling. When Richard and Paulette left the party broke up and I had a quiet ride back home.

That last photo is the pumpkin on November 11. It lasted a looong time this year due to the low humidity weather prevailing these days.

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