Austin Bike To Work May 21, 2010

The last time I reported on Bike To Work was May 15, 2009.

The Peddler moved from 53rd & F down to 5015 Duval. This morning's paper list their old address no doubt giving some late-to-the-game riders some consternation.

8:25 a.m.
I grabbed a cup of coffee (I really ate at home with Carol about 10 minutes earlier!) and waited for John Vehko. I was greeted by Bert (3rd photo) and he reminded me that we had met and a party of Frank and Shelly's a couple years back. I'm afraid he just looked another guy in black shirt, shades, helmet. We talked about how we had not run into F & S in a while now. Bert's got a new(ish) baby that put a crimp in socializing in any regard. I have no excuse. Since we quit holding April Fools' parties and since Frank doesn't bike commute to work, I guess our paths don't cross. My Amiga's OS4.1 lacks software (it doesn't exist) to keep up with Shelly's ever evolving public communications.

8:45 a.m.
Still no John! Oh well, too bad! This is still about the earliest this year I've gotten off to work. The weather remains overcast and relatively cool at this time of the morning. I know it can't last and I doubt I'll have to discipline to get up earlier and earlier to head to work to maintain this level of comfort in trade for going to bed earlier (or for heaven's sake less sleep).

Bike To Work sign

This year is different from the others in that the Austin Library System got together with the Austin Bicycling Coordinator to try out manning "end of the day" waystations for Bike To Work commuters. So I begged off early at work and followed Ohlen around to Burnet, south 1 block, and over a block on Steck to the North Village Public Library.

Personnel started dragging chairs back into the library and I'd finished cooling my heels with water and snacks, and headed home.

It was a pleasure to see known commuters on my way home. I suppose I see them more often if I went to work early, and departed work at a "decent" hour.

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