Electro-Acoustic Recital Series

May 8, 2010, UT@Austin Campus

See the previous performance, 2009, again this year, only me. Carol was under the weather, and Simon & Claire went to see Leo Delibes' Coppelia at the Austin Ballet. I consoled myself that their evening cost them about $60 more than mine did regardless of the relative aesthetics.

19 dancers performed in 7 different works.

Weirdest was the opener: "So, I think I cannot dance" which caught me off guard as I settled in, pulled out my camera and got it ready for "NO FLASH!", its highest usable ASA, etc. I did a test shot of the stage since it was closed and lighted. By the time I finished the "studio central" picture and realized that THIS camera is way too noisy when it extends its nose and again when it retracts. The LED view finder was still too bright even when toned down. Sigh. I won't be taking pictures. Better to take in the sights that way anyway, don't you think? Yes... about that. I became apparent that the first work was u-n-d-e-r way. No introduction? Well, about 1/2 way through I finally caught on that many of my expectations (co-constructions) were wrong. Yep, this piece was designed to be wrong!

THEN we got an introduction I was expecting.

Truly something different every 10 minutes or so! + intermission = 2 hours.
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