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Austin Hill Country Classic 2010 - 16th Annual

Alas, I'll have to fondly remember our May 9, 2009 outing instead of joining Ferris, Simon, and Claire on this cool enough, cloudy morning out Liberty, TX way. I suffered a minor right knee injury that dictated prudence in taking in such an activity.

Claire Ceneray and Ferris Duhon, 2010-05-08 Simon took on the photography duties. As you can see they made it to the "Smilin' V" 14 mile turn around. Claire will be in a mini-triathlon down in New Braunfels tomorrow morning and considered this mere 28 mile round trip a warmup for the early hour. Maybe that explains Claire riding two bicycles simultaneously. She and Simon will have to rise early to get down there on time! [Ed: Reports are Simon slept in...]

Simon showed off his GPS prowess in conjunction with Google Earth. Here is an elevation profile for their travel. Of course it is symmetric with the "Smilin' V" at the peak for an overall 77 meter rise from the start back at the high school.

AHCC 28 mile elevation profile

And in keeping with Simon's Texas tradition he "caught" this Texas Rat Snake crossing their path. I have yet to get the story on that critter.

Texas Rat Snake





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