Kerbey Lane, 12602 Research Blvd., Austin, TX 78759

Texas pecan fudge dessert The new Kerbey Lane is way out north on the north-east side of U.S. 183 as you approach Anderson Mill Rd. Thanks to Ferris' punctuality we arrived precisely at 6pm. We were 1st. I see that Heineken is $2 and I cannot resist. I left Carol, Ruta, and Ferris in the air conditioned foyer in favor of the eastern, covered outdoor area which was pleasingly decorated.

As I sipped, (I was thirsty.. having been around the middle of Austin looking for repair parts for our ceiling fan, eschewing car air conditioning for all those short trips. Succeeded with the repair, by the way) I applauded the decor opportunity afforded Kerbey Lane when a free hand was given with a new building. Being on the non-sunny side took all the bite out of the 98 temperature.

Bonney arrived. We exchanged greetings through the window. As I finished those 12 oz, I saw Ferris come out and engage Simon on the phone. Ferris confided that Simon and Claire were still 20 minutes away. Nobody had heard from Richard at all. I confided to Ferris that there was obviously time for a 2nd Heineken if we were going to wait (which I was all for).

The delay spurred Bonney to action. She joined me after observing that the K.L. guest list was crowding the inside and in danger of creating a further "waiting" situation. We looked over the outdoor tables and judged the resistance to the warm setting. Hah! This table sits 7 (8 if Richard should show up) and there was a slight breeze. This is it. Shortly C., R. and F. joined.

All the others showed up in due time and a genial waiter took our orders. You see mine above.

There was much to appraise one another of: Claire had been at work since 6:40 am (Freescale is a slave driver!), but not too tired to give us some details of the Triathlon she competed in last Sunday with cameraless Simon, her sister, and brother-in-law for the rooting section.

Simon was wearing a cast-like support on his right arm down to the 2nd finger joint of the hand. "?". Simon: "Rollerblading". His 5th contract programming extension is approaching its end. The life of the self-employed.

The Wyches were full of stories about the trip to California from July 1 through the 11th. I did not withhold details. I claim it was the fault of the 2nd beer.

Richard (and Paulette) are off to Quebec next week. Won't be but about 10 degrees cooler, but Richard is looking forward to cool nights.

We extracted out of Bonney some details of a planned vacation to Savanna, GA and the islands and beaches there by. Got a story about Bandit and hay having arrow grass that caused a vet visit. We cat owners exchanged stories about recent behaviour. They are an endless source, yes?

It all lasted lots longer than usual. I finished last. That was one rich dessert.

For me, next up is a trip to Double Dave's for the exciting finish of the 96th Tour De France. There are 5 contenders for place 3 on the podium. Not 1 minute separates them and this is THE toughest stage of the race. I won't miss it, even for bridge.

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