Brian, Melvia, Erica and the kids Visit

Biked home after 10 hrs, a Lone Star, a great supper, bread started, dish washer under way, email checked and there's a knock on the door.

Brian is there and says, "Hi!". I say, "Come on in!". He gestures back toward the street and I figure his friends are there, so probably Brian is just checking in. Instead he says, "All the family is in the car".   ?

He quickly adds that everyone figured there would be a likely chance that we weren't home or were ready for bed (Its 9pm...). But they can see us gesticulating; lights come on and everybody, piles out.

Suddenly there is pandemonium while Melvia explains that they are on a mini vacation. Erica explains that she has a few days off and it was decided to make the most if it. It was Fiesta Texas yesterday, Mount Bonnell and Zilker park today with a trip to a Mexican food restaurant in north Austin. So, here they are! Tomorrow its Krausy Springs or Hamilton Pool or maybe even Pedernales Falls.

Logan checked out everything, leaving no room or pet unseen. He must have been yelling a lot at Fiesta, because he was hoarse.

We moved to the front porch, and then to Shipe Park. Emma and Logan showed their mastery of swings: sitting, standing, prone, twisting... Even Aiden got into rolling down the hill from the swings towards the park center.

We headed back home, and I suggested, La Dolce Vita. (I didn't tell them how expensive it was, but... they were on vacation so might as well make it memorable.. though the adults will probably have a different one from the 3 kids.) We walked by the Elisabet Ney Museum, past Quack's, around Julio's. Melvia pointed out to Logan and Emma that "Living in the city you can walk to ice cream... something unheard of out in the country".

You can tell Emma liked her chocolate gelato. About half of it made it into her stomach.

During the walk back, Erica told me about their experience with a failed attempt to keep a vegetable garden. She said that though the deer passed the tomatoes by, some bugs were not so choosy. They are just watching some "personal watermelon" volunteers to see if they come to anything.

The whole gang left about 10:30, heading to Brian's where everyone is expecting to plop on the floor, couches, beds... where-ever. We'll see how that worked out.

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