Austin Hill Country Classic 2009 - 15th Annual

We were a foursome this year and because other plans for us all we turned around after 14 miles so check out the map from last year's write up May 10, 2008 to see the route. In our party were Ferris Duhon, Simon DuMortier and his wife Claire Ceneray. Last year we didn't push this 30 year old pair to come along and I wish we had. We all had a good time.

I arose from a dream all about that alarm clock right on time. Quiet as a mouse, Carol barely was disturbed. I got the recumbent on the car without much incident and made the Nissan's interior suitable for company, then off to Ferris', arriving about 6:32.

  For the umpteenth time we pushed and shoved the bikes until they finally seemed secure on the bike carrier and headed off to Liberty Hill. As usual the traffic was very light and we joined others in a caravan to the destination. We *must* have been early this year because we were directed into the paved parking area, a first for us.



    Everything was smooth. Ferris and I joined the rolling crowds toward the starting point under the Clif Bar bar and waited in the designated waiting spot for Simon and Claire.



    Ferris finally got antsy and called Simon via cell. Simon answered just as he and Claire came into view!

Here we are at the 1st and at the 2nd rest stops. I ate myself silly at the first, not having had any sort of breakfast -- way too early for me. We really did take it easy, averaging 13 miles/hour for the 29 miles. [The previous picture and this next are from Ferris.]

You can see that it is quite a feat getting the bikes on the carrier when one of them is a recumbent. Because of the short ride we were all back home by 11:30. Ready to prepare for Ferris' birthday party part II at Simon & Claire's for horseshoes, ping pong, BBQ, and bridge. Ruta and Carol were in on this aspect and it all went very well.





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