Electro-Acoustic Recital Series

May 8, 2009, UT@Austin Campus

Carol and I attended 2007 and again in 2008, but, this year, only me.
  Not often do we get to come upon the EARS concert with a full moon to add an aura of wonder to the festivities. I always attend as one going to a festival. Student energy is always present. Sometimes its evident in the obvious rough edges, incomplete nature, or immaturity. With so many individuals involved their are always something that really shines, just like the moon tonight. I was not disappointed!

  I had my camera, but was admonished not to use the flash. I agreed, hence the darkness that surrounds all that I have to show.

  My program had a green star stuck to the front. Though it was plastered on the ear lobe, not at all an unheard place for decoration it still was out of place given the rest of the plain production of a program.



Lots of people in the foyer used the several Wii controllers to spew symbols across a suspended screen and short predetermined musical motifs. I never could get a connection between arm swings and what could be accomplished, so I shrugged and headed off into the night on my recumbent.

It was a late ending concert as EARS go, but the, by contrast, silent ride home by bike allowed me to reflect on the concert, and pronounce it "good".

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