3.14 - PI Day

PI_neapple Upside Down Cake I made this highly regarded pineapple upside down cake from a highly regarded recipe (no longer) found at "www.elise.com/recipes/archives/000231pineapple_upside_down_cake.php" . Below are the photos as I made it. The Wyches don't eat many cakes so we didn't have a 10 inch x 2 inch high cake pan. I got the one shown at Target on my way to work, $8.50 after tax, so I hope I make at least a couple more times!

Likewise, this is why we lack a mixer, so I used good 'ol arm-work. I put the sugar and butter in the microwave for 2 minutes and then whipped it into a light and airy mix. You can see the extra yellow after mixing in the 4 eggs. And then after the vanilla extract and the dry ingredients.

The caramel sauce was far easier. No trouble adding the pineapple slices and no trouble with pushing the "dough" on to the top. I popped it into the preheated 325o oven. I checked at 45 minutes. I noticed then that some of the sauce at boiled over onto the oven bottom. Oh well, it needed cleaning anyway...

The knife came out clean at 1 hour. I let it cool for 30 minutes and was pleasantly surprised when the cake DID just drop out of the cake pan.

You see it as it is ready for carting to the Pi-Day party. If I get motivated, I'll come back here to report just how good it tasted.

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