Remodeled Floor

Plumbing troubles prompted replacement of our middle bathroom flooring. That necessitated replacement of all of the continuous roll vinyl we already had down.

Sadly, the pattern of 1985 was no longer available and it seems rock/pebble patterns are severely out of style. Carol and I searched for quite a while, both at brick & mortar places and on-line. I even searched other countries' flooring for a larger variety of styles. I even considered indoor-outdoor flooring trying to get something other than "tile-look-alike" or that congoleum look.

I finally happened upon forums. After pleading for suggestions a forum team member, twelvepole, went to bat for me and located the unlikely StainMaster carpets' S3031. Finding someone to supply it was fun, too. But,.. we persevered and, as you an see below, is a reality.

As is often the case with a clear focus of my attention, just yesterday I was helping some friends move into a rented house of recent vintage and, behold, the floor that is not carpet is a vinyl, kissing cousin of what we got put down. Heck, could be its sibling, even. So at least somebody agrees with us.
vinyl floor with a rock pattern

Our middle bathroom

old pattern

The old vinyl flooring

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