Halloween 2008 HydePark Austin, TX

You never know. The Hyde Park list serve had a lively discussion prompted by a new person to the neighborhood asking about how many trick or treaters to expect.

I never thought the central part of Hyde Park was special, but it seems Avenue F down to 40th gets hundreds and hundreds of trick or treaters and just a few blocks over its in the 10s. At the Duhons in Dell Wood II its 3!

This year was per usual, somewhere between 100 and 200.. all between 6 and 9pm. This year we turned away someone at 9:10pm because we were out of candy. I turned the last away about 10:20pm. Next year we won't dump the last of it in some lucky one's bag at 9pm. We'll be sure to have some around for the "late night seeker".

We got our pumpkin last weekend and put it in the cat closet until today when I reached to pick it up and my hand went through the back side! Yuck! When you have a lemon, make lemonade. Carol made a bat cutout on the face and we put a gaudy, USB hub inside with had several colors of lights. Worked well. I also stuck my Amiga monitor against the window and displayed a full screen Lorenz Attractor screen blanker. THAT drew comments.

As Carol says today, "Well the orange cat socks go back into the box for next year."

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