Proposed things to see in the USA Southwest

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map of Southwest USA with 17 features of interest. Odessa meteor crater Monahans Sandhills Balmorhe State Park Guadalupe Mountains and Carlsbad Caverns Franklin Mtns and Hueco Tanks State Park Santa Fe, NM Taos, NM and Pueblo Indians Durango - Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad Mesa Verde National Park 4 Corners: Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah Petrified Forest National Monument Hopi Indian Reservation Grand Canyon National Park Zion National Park Las Vegas, NV Phoenix, AZ Tucson, AZ Please forgive me for using the Rand McNally maps to piece together the above montage. If it makes any difference to them, we did gladly get the huge, 200 page, Rand McNally - Classic World Atlas book.

  1. Odessa Meteor Crater is definitely a minor attraction, but we went there!
  2. Monahans Sandhills an amazing site for Texas. We danced on the dunes, so high.. We were only used to the dunes of Padre Island, TX. These dunes prepared us for similar ones at Florence, OR.
  3. Balmorhea State Park beats the heck out of Fort Stockton as a place to spend the night.
  4. Guadalupe Mtns National Park and Carlsbad Caverns's McKittrick Canyon is one of many features (including high winds!). for Carlsbad Caverns which is just a short trip away from Guadalupe Mountains. Bring your own flash light and go for the "raw deal" of sliding through a cave. It did feel about like the spelunking I did back in the late 1960s in central TX.

  5. Franklin Mtns and Hueco State Park The Franklin mountains are a nice ride up and over to Hueco Tanks. Nice vistas denied those who stay down on Interstate 10. is fun to climb on with many micro-environments, indian wall paintings, and wonderful views that appear of the horizon as you come around corners.

  6. Santa Fe, NM
  7. Taos, NM
  8. Durango - Silverton Narrow gauge railroad
    I have ridden on the Durango Train two times; once at age 8 or so and again with Carol and our 7 year old son. The experience is vivid in my mind from both experiences.
  9. Mesa Verde National Park
  10. 4 Corners: Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, and Utah
    Back in 1981 we were moving back to Texas from Eugene, OR moving our "family" in a Subaru FF1. We stopped here and forced our cat to put one leg in each state. I've got a photo somewhere.
  11. Petrified Forest National Park where you can look over a ledge and your eyes lie to you about everything! The distance, the rocks, the colors...
  12. Hopi Indian Reservation John Wagner, my cousin, painted many pictures involving many aspects of the Hopi. Back in the 1970s books about these people were best sellers.
  13. Grand Canyon National Park

    I could not find anything about the guided stroll after dark. It happened, so I know it is done, but I cannot promise that. Not all people are put off by crowds. Young people often consider it invigorating. The **south** side of the Grand Canyon has crowds AND surely things to do AND you don't have drive a signicant "extra" distance to reach it. The extrangance of the North Rim can truly be left for people (like Carol and I) who visited the South side as children and on a trip to California in the early 1970s BEFORE we chose to do the north side on the way back via Utah in 1981. Believe me when I say that the South side was chosen first on purpose. The canyon is vast and breath-taking no matter where you view it from.

  14. Zion National Park What can I add? It needs no help from us.
  15. Las Vegas, NV
    Not our kind of place, I am afraid. Certainly, it is the U.S.A.
  16. Phoenix, AZ
    Like low humidity? This is the place. Like dry heat. This is the place.
  17. Tucson, AZ
    The Desert Museum - an exceptional regional outdoor place

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