Bike Commuting haul, Austin, TX

my daily commuting haul
1 saddlebag to carry it all Bike Sport shop
2 plastic bag to protect (or protect against) stuff
3 bungee cord to as a 2 class lever to keep bag off of derailleur Breed & Co.
4 shallow plastic box most of the small stuff The Container Store
5 trusty pump Freewheeling Bike Shop
6 healthy wood like food... just in case Wheatsville
7 various instructions (volleyball rules, odometer ref, ...)
8 backup batteries for tail light, headlight, and my camera Radio Shack
9 headlight (has its own recharger Waterloo Cycles
10 friction tape against the time I get too sweaty to rotate gear changer Breed & Co.
11 back tire tube EasyStreet Recumbents
12 poncho / ground cloth Academy Surplus
13 front tire tube EasyStreet Recumbents
14 chemical source of heat for feet during volleyball (I guess its not winter anymore.) Academy Surplus
15 Trek helmet. Yes, a 20 year old Trek helmet. I've never hit my head on anything in 30 years.
16 Cell phone contributed by part time boss who needs help occasionally, but desperately.
17 chap stick (for both summer and winter)
18 cable and lock
19 metal, springy, pants clip EasyStreet Recumbents
20 Sigma Sports BC500 odometer EasyStreet Recumbents
21 dark glasses + case
22 Huge key fob (Tired of losing keys in the turf.)
23 Genuine Crescent 6" adjustable wrench Breed & Co.
24 Contact lense lubricant (volleyball or when needed- hardly ever) Walgreens
25 Hex head Allen wrenches for *every* screw on my recumbent
26 Tube changing tools Freewheeling
27 Emergency, non prescription dark glasses John Vehko
28 Pants to wear at work Lands End
29 Multi use towel: dry off at work, ground cloth during volleyball, etc.
30 Shirt to wear at work
xx Packed & sacked lunch daily from home

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