The View on Shipe Park
4400 block of Avenue F, 78751

4400 Ave. F [Note: If you see 07-###### on a city document, search instead for 2007-######. Google "City of Austin case number" to get a page you can enter a number].
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2007-12-08 Nearby property holders to 4402 Ave. F, case #NRD-2007-0136, and 4404 Ave. F, case #NRD-2007-0129, received letters from the city today. It notifies us that a hearing will be DECEMBER 17 at city hall at 7:30pm to review a "National Register Historic District Building Permit".

George Wyche cannot be there. Any volunteers?

2007-11-23 Sarah R. was in town and got a printed copy of the 10065332 package. It is like that which is online. To which I would like to add:

How will replatting the 5 lots at 15,600 sq. ft to 2 lots of 7,812 sq. ft promote the neighborhood? Two 2-family units = 4 families, whereas 5 single family lots = 5 families. What's the deal?

It would seem counter to the opening section of Chapter 1 of the Hyde Park Neighborhood Plan, Ordinance NO. 000413-63, dated April 13, 2000. See the bold text from that opening section below:

  1. Complete the Neighborhood Conservation Combining District (NCCD) ordinance which will revise the zoning laws to foster the preservation of the neighborhood while respecting the different land uses in different parts of Hyde Park. Elements of this ordinance will include addressing the following:
    • Change uses and structures and build new structures only in ways that are in scale and compatible with surrounding uses and structures.
    • Ensure that new multi-family developments should occur only if they are in keeping with the scale, character and streetscape elements in the area
    • Two-family development is a characteristic pattern of the neighborhood including garage apartments and small residences facing side streets. These developments should be permitted in a controlled way as an alternative to converting or adding to a primary structure to achieve a lega duplex development.
    • Prevent duplexes from being constructed that result in dormitory-like structures with numerous cars. Do not allow front yard parking.
    • Identify and rezone properties to be consistent with current land use if it is compatible with the historic character of the neighborhood.
2007-11-12 Sarah R. noted that the case #2007-146137 has been updated to say that a master report is due Nov. 21. I have marked in red that which was changed and marked in green that which is new in my reduction of the City's information. See 20070916.html.
2007-11-12 Carol W. saw some bull dozers come today and demolish the front house at 4402 Ave. F
2007-10-03 Lorre W. and Wanda P. attended the RDD meeting:
"The case was a variance for 4404. The variance amounted to 1' 7". My primary reason for protesting was that the demo permits were issued despite the neighbors' opposition and at this point our only protection was to insist that everything be exactly according to code. Wanda also spoke. Unfortunately, we lost. Karen, who is vice chair of the commission, abstained."

2007-10-03 Catherine M. came by with a 12+ page photocopy of documents filed with the city for case# 07-150441. She also related that rumor has it that the 2 guys who were photographed with a stolen ladder and picked up in Shipe Park the next day were living in 4402 and 4404 Ave. F unbeknownst to the owners. Now there are NO TRESSPASSING signs on each of the houses.

2007-10-01 K.McGraw pointed all to [Ed: alas a dead link in 2012!] for a wealth of materials. Scroll down to hyde_park... among other places.

2007-09-20 I noticed this sign out in front of 4404 Avenue F. and sent email about it to interested parties on the 21st.
Residential Design & Compatibility Commission
Public Hearing
October 3, 2007 at 6 pm
City Hall, 301 W. 2nd St.
Case # 07-150441

2007-09-16 Sarah Robey found this:
from the City and I condensed it here at 2007-09-16.

2007-09-14 A much larger crew with a small front loader commenced to finish the demolition of the garage and fence. They have moved the debris around and have hauled off a little bit of it.

2007-09-13 A crew of 2 came and mowed and edged the grass. (?)

2007-09-12 Permit/Case="2007-150775 PR" Rejected Residential Zoning Review for 4402 1/2 Ave. F. Applicant: Emrobrai Homes 10303 Golden Meadoes Dr. Unit E Austin TX 78758 (512)835-4932

2007-09-08 (or so) A crew of 2 came and removed about half of the garage

2007-08-23 Permit/Case="2007-146137 C8" Ref.File=CB-2007-0152.0A Status=InReview The applicant is proposing to re-draw the property line between tow existing properties. ProjectName="The View on Shipe Park"

2007-08-middle A big crew came, cut up the house, and carted it away.

2007-07-26 Permit/Case="2007-139126 BP" Status=Active R-2001 Relocation Residential. 4400 Ave. F.

2007-07-26 Permit/Case="2007-139123 PR" Status=Approved R-2001 Relocation Residential. 4400 Ave. F.

2007-07-06 Permit/Case="2007-132830 BP" Status=Approved Demolition of 4402 Ave. F. Expires 2008-01-02. General Contractor: Lonestar Demolition Austin TX (512)748-1848

2007-06-28 Permit/Case="2007-132349 PR" Status=Approved Demolition of 4404 Ave. F. Expires 2007-12-24. Applicant: Structure Solutions (Warren Wellborn) 4008 JAFFNA COVE AUSTIN TX 78749 (512)288-4144

2007-06-28 Permit/Case="2007-132831 BP" Status=Active Demolition of 4404 Ave. F. General Contractor: Lonestar Demolition Austin TX (512)748-1848

2007-06-28 Permit/Case="2007-132829 BP" Status=Active Demolition of 4400 Ave. F. General Contractor: Lonestar Demolition Austin TX (512)748-1848

2007-06-27 Permit/Case="2007-132345 PR" Status=Approved Demolition of 4400 Ave. F. Expires 2007-12-24. Applicant: Structure Solutions (Warren Wellborn) 4008 JAFFNA COVE AUSTIN TX 78749 (512)288-4144

2007-06-27 Permit/Case="2007-132344 PR" Status=Approved Demolition of 4400 Ave. F. Expires 2007-12-24. Applicant: Structure Solutions (Warren Wellborn) 4008 JAFFNA COVE AUSTIN TX 78749 (512)288-4144

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4400 Ave. F on 2007-09-21 4404 Ave. F on 2007-09-21

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Lee Properties Owns 4113 Avenue F
owns 4400 Avenue F (home removed on 2007-08-08)
owns 4402 Avenue F (home removed mid 2007-11)
owns 4404 Avenue F (vacated 2007-07-31)
owns 4406 Avenue F (vacated sometime before 2000)
owns 4500 Speedway (blue house) - reported by D.Conner 2007-11-27
Emrobrai Homes [No longer sports a web page] Wholly owned by Lee Properties
activity in North Central Austin:

Notes and references

4113 Avenue F

This is from HLC agenda
    5. C14H-07-0014
    Gertrude Jones House, 4113 Avenue F
    Applicant: City Initiated Owners: Robert and Emily Lee
    City Staff: Beth Wilson, Historic Preservation Office, 974-3524
    Staff Recommendation: Do not recommend historic zoning

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