Permit/Case Reference File Name Description Sub Type Work Type Project Name Status Application Date Issue Date Expiration Date
2007-146137 C8 C8-2007-0152.0A The applicant is proposing to re-draw the property line between two existing properties. Final Plat Amended Plat The View on Shipe Park CC Rejected Aug 23, 2007
Related Folders: No
Information Description Value
Case Manager Sylvia Limon
Application Date Aug 23, 2007
Application Expiration Date Feb 19, 2008
Smart Growth Zone DEVELOP
1704 Flag? No
Watershed I Waller Creek
Aquifer Recharge Zone No
Watershed Classification I URBAN
Land Development Jurisdiction FULL PURPOSE
School District Austin ISD
Electric Utility Provider COA
Water Utility Provider COA
Wastewater Utility Provider COA
Gross Site Area (Square Footage) 0
Gross Site Area (Acres) 0.358
Net Site Area [LOC] (Acres) 0.358
Net Site Area [LOC] (Square Feet) 15594.48
Existing Number of Lots 2
Proposed Number of Lots 2
Existing Land Use Single Family
Legal Description n/a
Neighborhood Plan Area ? Yes
Neighborhood Plan Name HYDE PARK
City Grid Number MK25
911 Addressing Reviewer Marna Clements
Mapping Reviewer Richard Sigmon
Regional Stormwater Management Reviewer Joe Guerrero
Related Cases 1 C14H-05-0023
Proposed Lots 1 2
Proposed Use 1 Single Family
Proposed Acres 1 0.358
Desc. Organization Name Address City State Postal Phone1
Applicant Emrobrai Homes, LLC (Dennis Ku) 10303 GOLDEN MEADOW DR AUSTIN TX 78758 (512)835-4932
Surveyor ATS Engineers (Paul Utterback,) 4611 BEE CAVES RD. SUITE 200 Austin TX 78746 (512)328-6995
Fee Description Fee Amount Balance
Fair Notice Fee $200.00 $0.00
Plat/Plan Amended Plat $75.00 $75.00
Process Description Status Schedule Date Start Date End Date Assigned Staff # of Attempts
Initial Intake Closed Aug 23, 2007 Aug 23, 2007 Aug 23, 2007 Intake Group 2
Completeness Check Letter Closed Aug 24, 2007 Aug 27, 2007 Aug 27, 2007 Cesar Zavala (974-3404) 1
Completeness Check Closed Aug 27, 2007 Aug 29, 2007 Aug 29, 2007 Intake Group 1
Statutory Disapproval Open Aug 23, 2007 Karen Williford (974-2692) 0
Completeness Check Update Open Aug 29, 2007 Intake Group 0
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