USB Operation

Topology with nothing connected Functionality with nothing connected Topology with camera connected Functionality with camera connected
Nothing attached Camera attached


The most reliable way to connect the OLYMPUS CAMEDIA C-3020 ZOOM is to turn off the AmigaOne (though a <Ctrl+LeftAlt+RightAlt> seem sufficient), connect the USB cable from the rear USB socket closest to the ethernet socket and to the camera. Turn the camera on to its [>] position. Now turn on the AmigaOne.

At the conclusion of boot up there will be an extra desktop icon, typically labeled "NoName".


In a shell window you can
to get a duplicate of pictures 3 and 4 above.

You can

15.Work1:Wyche/george>diff documents/referenceUSB.log RAM:t/usb.log
to expect only a difference in one line:
> I: [6D237990][USB FD fkt start]

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