Rube Goldberg 2007 - UT Austin

In 20+ steps squeeze an orange and deliver the juice in a cup. Attending: Carol, George, Ferris and Steve. This was a typical fun filled year. It got started right on time. All of us needed to do other things this evening.

Picture 2 shows giveaway goodies in the foreground. In the back there are the UT professors pressed into service as judges. They were cramming for their test. Carol is just to the left there watch the students assembling their contraption.

Picture 3 shows typical college student smorgasboard. This is probably all the decent food they'll be getting this evening (for all I know). Picture 4 shows the interest generated.

Pictures 5 through 9 shows the presentation made by the "Society of Women Engineers".

Pictures 10 through 12 was (contest sponsor) Theta Tau's presentation whose high point was describing what was going to happen to the judges when when an accidently BUMP sent the contraption into premature operation. The whole audience, now restricted to respectful distance, "Ah!"ed in comiseration. They had re-arm the thing... again.

The final 5 pictures (in the yellow bannered one Ferris is 2nd from the left) show perennial ASME favorites and their setup. It was hilarious to watch the confusion because a cell phone's buzzing vibration was supposed to initiate the sequence and when nothing happened the helpful audience shouted out, "Is it charged up?", "Did you get the right number?". The team had to decide whether to "Use a touch" or attempt an optional "Start over". Then there was missing the cup for part of the ending. They had to get a judge's ruling about exactly how much juice was the minimum to quality. Evidently a tablespoon out the of the orange (must have been a California orange).

Then Carol, Steve, Ferris and I exploded off to our various pressing engagements.

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