No Helmet Law Rally   August 20, 2006 is now defunct, but was behind this rally and note the 15 (or so) reasons why having a law like this is not a good idea.

The cameras arrive at Sholz Garten for the 10pm TV News cast. Mike Librik prepares one more sign for someone to hold up in the peanut gallery.

After 5 hours of partying this crowd was fairly docile and willing to sit and listen to the music and visit with like minded cyclists. This was definitely the choir.

There were bicycles strung all over the place and I think I need some sort of a "red eye" filter for all these very effective reflectors when taking photographs like these!

Closing down the rally was this spirited and excitingly diverse folk music band, Brigante, somehow associated with the Rhizome Collective. If you want to know more try Joe Egnot last seen at his day job at Wheatsville.
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