1lb Stewing Lamb (neck or cut shoulder) cubed
3 med carrots
1 large onion
3 big spuds
2 Knorr Lamb Stock Cubes
salt & pepper to taste.
vegetable oil
tablespoon flour
Photo of finished recipe of Scouse
Chop onion and add to heated vegetable oil, stir until soft & transparent (not browned), add lamb, stir until seared, sprinkle flour over meat and cook for few minutes, gradually stir in enough stock, made from stock cubes, to give a 'soup' consistency, add diced carrots and spuds, make sure you've got enough water in it to be able to move it round that pan. Cook for 45 minutes with lid on stirring regularly, adding more stock if needed. Serve with buttered crusty bread and pickled red cabbage.

Got the lamb. (From a chain called Fiesta. Neither of our regular stores carries lamb.) Sunday is the big day. Bread goes in the machine at 5pm. Makin' a special trip to find pickled red cabbage as none of the 1st 3 groceries carry same.

Will report late Sunday night.
Thanks again.
>by Yo on 14-May-2006 4:31:21

> If you use a breadmaker and want 'crusty' bread, take the bread
> out just before it is finished, say 5 mins before the end of the
> final cycle. Sprinkle liberally with water and put into a preheated
> 200C/400F oven straight on the wire shelf. Let bake for a further
> 8-10 mins. For regular white bread, this should give a 'crusty' finish.

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