3rd Thursday on Guadalupe, Austin, TX   2006-05-18

Its a great night out. The last time I talked about 3rd Thursday was for January 19. Carol's ankle precluded wearing any shoe that would rub the tender skin, so she acted as a sag wagon by following me to Frank Feuerbacher's house at about 5 of 8. He sorted out his recumbent. The tandem goes wanting as Shelly is off in San Francisco for a Mac meet of some sort. Free air fare I hear.

With Carol a respectful distance behind Frank and I rode the grueling 1 mile over to Guadalupe. Carol had decided we were doing OK and beat us to our quarry of Waterloo Cycles where "free beer" was in the offing. When Carol didn't see us anywhere she figured she'd got it wrong, and walked over to Wheatsville thinking to see us waiting for her there. Nope.. we were just slow. Turns out Frank hasn't ridden in a good while and lost his climbing legs. I had led him up from east 32nd street to Duval. The cruelty of it all.

There was live music, St. somebody's beer, and bike stuff everywhere at Waterloo. Jim Ellinger was hanging around and its always fun to run into him. Then a lady showed up with a Strida folding bike. It was such a weird looking bike, I overcame my shyness and asked her what is is that bike? She said it was a foldup that she'd had for about 3 weeks and demonstrated how it folded up. It took less than a minute, took up the foot print of an adult, and cost her about $600. Her longest outing had about about 12 miles. She averred that it wouldn't do hills very well. I was facinated with it.

Frank and I looked at bike lights, shoes and helmets.. and, oh yeah, St. Arnolds beer. Carol finally showed up while I was talking to another old friend I haven't seen in several years, Jim Neal. In January he had his left knee replaced. Calls it "the strong knee". He and about 4 others were out for their regular Thursday night ride and took in the 3rd Thursday activities.

We moved off to the side because the music was so loud while I finished my beer. We asked Frank if he wanted to eat someplace with us, 'cuz we were good an hungry now. After ticking off possibilities on our fingers we settled on Ruby's BBQ. There's Carol acting like it was the 1st time she ever saw their menu! Frank, Carol and I ate and talked about his extended family's various travails and he and Shelly's plans for a vacation sometime later this summer.

Soon enough it was nearly all over. I got Carol to get a rare photo of me and my bike, then I followed Frank home (his light was missing before we even set out for the evening) and wended my way through Hyde Park to home.

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