Austin Hill Country Classic

Liberty Hill, TX

Ferris and I have been doing this ride a while; the last being May 7, 2005. This time I woke to the alarm at 6, was out to the garage by 6:15, fought the recumbent onto the Nissan and made it to Ferris' about 6:35. Traffic was light and we arrived about when every one else did. This year an on-site traffic jam was caused by the sound crew parked in one of the 2 main lanes in front of the high school building.

I got in line with 50 others to use a port-a-potty. Back at the car our bikes were off & pretty well prepared. I didn't have my registration stuff so I walked to the school building, waited in a shortish line to get ... pretty much id-tags in case I should croak. Walk back to tell Ferris that the "group" start was about 10 minutes ago! Fooled us on that one. Seems like we are NEVER early enough. There really wasn't much of a roaring send off like last year. No ballon arch over the start this year. No problem.

Ferris has an Austin Civic Orchestra performance this evening and opted for the 14 mile ride to assure he was in decent shape for it. That means turning around at the 1st rest stop. We were hoping that this preannounced short ride would coax Richard and/or Carol to join us, but it was "no go". Ferris said he tried to generate riders at work, and I advertised it at a Feuerbacher/Brisbin party last Saturday.

It was cool, uncrowded and uneventful out to the rest stop. We came upon it to find loads of people still there. I ate enough stuff to constitute breakfast. That 4th picture is the way we did not travel.

Since we were going back, we hung around. I met these two riders who were just getting back into riding and this was their 1st AHCC. Ferris and I counseled them about the hills between here and rest stop #2. The guy in blue said his heart rate peaked at 135bpm. He said he gets red in the face easily when he's out of shape. The pair eventually decided to not push their luck and headed back. We followed them about 5 minutes later, but never did catch up to them until we checked out what might be going on over at the school entrance. They said the ride back felt like it was all down hill!

Our packed bikes on the back of the Nissan look like a wreck!

I talked Ferris into a side trip by the Ecology Action recycling center that adjoins the Travis County 1431 Transfer Station. We drove past it twice before finding the place. I took photos for the EA website. Then we took LakeLine Blvd back over to US183. Seemed like we took the long way, but we still got home before noon.

My freewheel cogs kept "missing" every now and then, so I resolved to visit Easy Street Recumbents for a look see.

Later that night, Carol and I attended the ACO's Tribute to Shostakovich in the Baptist church at MoPac and Slaughter Lane. Its huge. Ferris (and the others) did good. I was a curious concert in that we were asked to fill out a survey and there was a drawing for several door prizes. I guess we were helping "Keep Austin Weird".

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