Performed by the Ariel Dance Theatre

May 6th, 2006 at The Blue Theater

Austin, TX

The mailed out advertisement for gyre
We invited Ferris to see this performance as a birthday present, so Saturday evening about 7:30 with threatening rain all around we picked him up and headed for Airport and down to Springdale Rd. We didn't drive far enough south, turned around crossed Airport, nope, turned around crossed Airport and kept an eye peeled.

The Blue Theater is at the back end of the Goodwill main headquarters back lot. It is fenced off so we drove around trucks, through puddles of unknown depth, and into the parking area. It appears to only have room for about 20 cars. After that "it out there with the trucks!", but we were early, so no problem.

Shortly after gettin inside it did start to rain and was audible at first on the tin roof as the work got going. Anyway, I got a soft drink and we 3 looked over a Silent Auction. All too rich for my blood. Carol recognized the jewelry donated by Celebration. We looked over some standing display boards that talked about "The Gyre". I had no idea about this presentation. I came because I'm attracted to the music of local celebrities Graham Reynolds and Peter Stopchinsky and we had saved $20 by NOT having to cough that up to see EARS last Thursday.

Well, full half of this dance was about our lack of stewardship for the trash we produce as human consumers. The plastic (which floats) is corraled in the Pacific in the giant "gyre".

Carol bore up well to this ball bat over the head. Carol has been manager of recycling centers for Ecology Action of Austin in the (distant) past and doesn't take well to one way conversations on this topic. She never said a cross thing. I really am proud of her.

This work is nearly a post-Alban Berg experiment. It wasn't pure dance, because voices were involved. It wasn't a musical, because there was no singing. Ms. Ariel warned the audience of the unusual parts of the work. I'm 59 and have come to observation that I am less tolerant of experiments that are less to successful on me, the guinae pig. I just could not appreciate the connection between the protagonists' inter (intra? since the mother was all in the daughter's mind?) personal "trash" and the undeniable trash covering over a 1500 mile diameter wasteland at sea.

I looked in vain for the designer of the mailout. Its beautiful, yes?

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