EARS + Eyes & Feet

Electro-Acoustic Recital Series

May 4th, 2006, UT@Austin Campus

Carol and I attended last year, too.

The program Dr. Russell Pinkston Legacy of Light's ambient fog Mother Nature's answer to Legacy of Light

Carol and I arrived early enough for me to take this panorama. UT Finals begin Monday so I expected attendance to be light what with studying (and all). Unexpected, but highly appreciated, was the dropping of a $10 entrance fee for members of the greated Austin community.. something that was kept me away entirely this year. I'd vowed to pony up for this event, but was delighted to exit $20 ahead.

You can click on the program for access to this night's program. Sorry to say it was photographed in instead of scanned.. That's Dr. Pinkston giving the address and thanking those who contributed to the evening's efforts. I'm sure there is a story behind the late date for this year's offereing, but I don't know it. Electronic music composers:

I think most will agree that Jack Stamps' continues to create the most compelling music that is memorable. Others might argue that others of the composers showed great control in allowing the other senses to prevail in the works this evening.

I came here for the sound experience and as long as the accompaniment doesn't interfere its welcome.

Given Mr. Barros' work from last year, expectation was high. What occurred was certainly different, making it impossible to compare to last year. I for one was wishing that there were no shades over that promising bright candle.

The final work on the program took the most resources. Ms. Autum Casey soothed the audience while a fog machine slowly filled the auditorium. Assurances that it was only water aside, Carol felt her eyes become irritated enough to leave. The point of the work was to playback a programmed choreograph of a multi light machine to music. I'd say the field has room for advancement. After finding Carol we left to find that it had rained. Mother Nature was still throwing lightening and thunder to the north was easily outclassed Legacy of Light. The inclusion of legacy in the title was undefended. The music was hardly special and the lighting's fine points escaped this viewer.

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