Mardi Gras 2006

Golden Corral

9710 N. Lamar

Austin, TX

Golden Corral marquee

The annual Mardi Gras pigout was at the "all you can eat" Golden Corral Buffet that found Dave Shaw, George and Carol Wyche bellying up. As per Dave's wishes we arrive as late as any of us (and the establishment) can stand so as to be filled "to-the-top" when midnight hits and Lent has begun for which Dave foreswears food like no other time during the year. We arrived a few minutes after 9, aware that they would kick us out by 10:30.

I constrained myself to just photograph (most) of the food I put away this evening.

The place sure has a cafeteria feel to it, but there are plenty of different counters to approach. The variety exceeds what you can find at Fresh Choice which our Friday night group frequents. The price was about 1$/person more.

Carol and I did get something from the desert counter. As it turned out it was unnecessary for them to give us the boot; in fact there was at least one table still occupied as we departed about 10:15.

(I didn't eat breakfast Wednesday morning!)

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