3rd Thursday on Guadalupe, Austin TX   2006-01-19

Can you believe low 70's on January 19th? We missed December's outing, but November 17 was cold.

I walked from home and caught Carol just as she was closing up Celebration a few minutes after 7pm. The owner had given her persmission to keep the store open for 3rd Thursday if "crowds" warranted it.

Booths were just setting up across the street at Wheatsville. Instep was already set up and people were looking through boxes. We walked south along the east side, crossed at 30th and further one block west to 2828 Rio Grande St. where Picolo's Italian Cafe used to be (the expensive, attractive neon sign remains). Now it is Tony's Vineyard.

Our waiter was very attentive, pointing out several dishes known to be dairy free. Looked good to us, so we ate there. One of the 2 orders got dropped so we talked for a good 30 minutes before food came, but.. heck, I order a pizza so I expected a wait. Carol, though, had taken a digesting aid which ostensibly has a 30 minute window. Some of the allure was the Calabria - Marinara basil sauce with onion, proscuitto, bacon and garlic. It was tasty, but it tasted as you can imagine from the ingredient list -- nothing magic. We were too stuffed to partake of the rich desserts we were shown (none that Carol could have had anyway). The prices were medium. Our total after taxes and tip was $26 (, but see our Friday's out the next night at Din Ho's).

I prevailed on Carol for us to walk a bit to ward off the feeling of having over eaten. The wind had picked up and, as one would expect, temperature was slowly falling. We observed that the recently revived Mo Jo's is again vacant. We had been in there recently to see Gary Mex Glazner as part of the Texas Book Festival. After a few more blocks we crossed back over to the east side and back north to Wheatsville.

Our opinion is that 3rd Thursday has maybe two more months in it. There was about 1/10 going on as last fall. Waterloo Cycles was doing its part to keep things moving with free beer and a band.

This wintry tree just behind Celebration deserves a decent photo which I'll try to get over the next few weeks.

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