Wyche Thanksgiving   2005

map of Texas Gulf Coast Hi there,

George and Carol arrived at Wyche Acres northeast of Victoria about 12:30. We were greeted by two very small dogs that defended well, albeit in retreat. This extended to running into the house through a small pet door, reversing and extending snout out the pet door to continue barking. It all ceased as we let ourselves in. Scott and Melvia were busy with dinner preparations, paused long enough to extend a glass of champagne to each of us. We accepted and reclined.

There is a newly completed cross town freeway. It used to be mostly Stockbauer Drive. We had fun driving on and off it making our way over to US 59 North. We were happy to see Wigington St. without ruts and without water. The driving was easy.

Melvia said that wasn't all that was new. Her workplace is in the final throes of moving into their own building after 15 years of renting from a bank in downtown Victoria. Their new building is right on the newly opened freeway. She seemed happy about the situation.

Scott commutes 95 miles a day to work. He has been able to share driving with someone since the giant gasoline price jump. He gets to do the distribution of supplies to departments plus care of the fancy truck used for some of the far flung deliveries.

Dinner started about 2. It was obvious to see we don't dive into the food the way we did 15 years ago. If you study the photo you can find all of the traditional staples. Thank you Melvia.

After a suitable resting period we shared pictures, web pictures and web links. We discovered that John Philip Wagner's homesite is currently inaccessible! I'll have to look into that. I had Scott send me two photos of our newest relative, Emma Kate Fimbel.

Erica called. She was home from work and gave us permission to come on over. Melvia, Carol and I walked down the road, through some brush, under 2 fences, and there we are!

We got Logan to show us around the house. In a bit Emma was up from her nap. While Emma got in a wakeup mood, Erica told us about her workplace change that now allows her daytime work: hyperbaric oxygen therapy. That is a generic link, but it reflects very closely to what Erica said.

Enough education! Logan showed me some of the fine points of 9 year old soccer culminating in a game between us. This field had some natural features: The goal Logan shot at (anywhere under the trampoline); the goal I went after (the legs of a BBQ pit); the poor elephant ear plants were the north out-of-bounds; barbed wire fence to the south; and several cow plops scattered throughout. We devised "house" rules as we went along. I thought it was unfair that Emma successfully acted as goalie and headed away one of my most (otherwise) accurate strikes. As the light started to fail we declared the game over even though it was tied 2-2.

We walked back, having missed Erica's Scott, but finding dogs again and Melvia's Scott once again. I asked about TV football and it came out that UT, for instance, wasn't even playing until tomorrow. So we never did watch any TV though it was "on" in the background at both houses.

Having rested we all tried the couple of dessert pies. That was followed by numerous pet stories in which everyone had some to share.

7pm arrived and we departed. We had a pleasantly uneventful drive back to Austin.

I told Scott and Melvia I hoped we could treat them in Austin next year.

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