3rd Thursday on Guadalupe, Austin TX   2005-11-17

The weather was cooooold compared to last time and lots of the outdoor stuff got truncated around 9pm. Still here we were wandering around.

We start out this month from inside Celebration at their new digs at 3101 Guadalupe. There was an inhouse performance by Kaade Roberts on various wind instruments with an electronic delay on some works giving the aural presence of a cathedral. All of it was medieval in nature and some it was self composed. In the 2nd picture you see Carol patiently minding the store and attending to the several customers.

After a bit, Stacy returned from doings over at Wheatsville with Gabriel in tow. That's supposed to be cobras rearing up out of the brown basket.

Carol had been on duty for hours and its now 7:20. We're hungry. Down the west side of Guadalupe where the construction is pretty heavy these days, past Austin Ballet. The aromas from the Thai place across the street almost made us cross over. We were kind of headed to Tom's Tabouli, but those aromas drew us instead to Yen Ching at 2910. You could have read a Chronicle review by Ms. Chastenet de Gery. At the bottom of that review she mentions Japanese noodles. That's what I had in that (now empty) bowl of udon. It was huge! with lots more stuff in it that I ever got while in central Japan. I'm going back, soon.... not that the $1.75 Shiners don't make it a natural as a winner. The atmosphere was pleasant and warm.

Next we ventured around the corner from Toy Joy and crossed to Vulcan Video, 609 W. 29th. A couple dozen hearty souls stood in the cold to watch a showing of Wal-Mart The High Cost of Low Price movie. It was too cold for us south Texans, so we chose not to check out the band playing across the way at Waterloo Cycles this time.

We crossed over at Milto's and got a laugh out of their marque: "Every night is Greek night" in reference to the numerous Greek fraternity houses in this neighborhood. Continuing up the east side of Guadalupe the Louisana band camped in the Dry Cleaners' parking lot was announcing its final song (and it was only about 8:40, but cold). We listened as we passed. I ducked in to Wheatville to get stuff forgotten on the last trip while Carol listen to the oompah band on the north side of Wheatsville.

They are the PolkaDillos, but also played marches and other music too.

About 9:10 we packed it in went home.

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