3rd Thursday on Guadalupe, Austin TX   2005-10-20

Oh boy, another chance to go outside; this time the weather was perfect. I had not thought to go, but I did need some sandwich bags from Wheatsville. I phoned Carol from north of Round Rock. She said I might not want to dawdle because at work today she found out that Celebration would be dispensing "free beer" at 3rd Thursday. I left for home less that 2 minutes later.

Celebration marquee break room under construction
In a couple weeks Celebration, one of the places Carol works, will move from 100 W. 43rd (2 minutes walk for Carol) to here. 3110 is where 1/2 Price Books resided for quite a few years (now moved to the recently vacated Randall's up at 5500 Lamar). The several business moving in here are all responsible for their own remodeling and here you can see the break room completing that process (soon!).
Celebration booth Celebration booth's beer
In anticipation of the opening Oct. 29 Celebration sported this booth in the empty lot just south of 3110, across from Wheatsville. Their seemed to be people getting Tarot readings all the times I kept coming back for Stacy's (owner of Celebration) free beer.

As I drank Celebration's beer, I could hear clarinet music over in the dark to the west. Wandering over there I found Mr. Haberman, known as "Yester year" when he plays around town. He played a variety of classical music, show tunes and pre 1950's popular tunes. When we passed by later he had moved into the Celebration booth. We moved across the street to Wheatsville. Instep had a very bright, energy charged sale going on (as usual) and the good cheer from Celebration inclined me to visit. The vast majority of the $20 sale shoes are sandels. However, for my size 11 feet (EUR 43) I found these "Earth Shoe style" shoes and bought them.

Mr. Haberman, Mr. Yesteryear Shoes from Instep Belly dancing at Wheatsville Waterloo's Critical Mass movie Sun Hing supper ice cream at a side walk cafe Toy Joy at 9:30 pm

In the lot between Instep and Wheatsville there were booths and bellying dancing. We got the sandwich bags and I returned them and my old shoes to our car (and dropped by for another drop of Celebration beer). Carol and I walked on down the east side the road. This evening a loudish band played outside Tom's Tabooley so supper will be elsewhere.

I knew Michael Zakes at Waterloo Cycles was hosting a movie on his southern outside wall. It was about bicycling's "Critical Mass" movement over the years. We watched a while, but hunger pushed us southward.

We picked "Sun Hing" at 2801. The food came gratefully quickly and we (uh, I) talked about the curious stealth with which software bugs exhibit. We talked about just how much boredom (what does that mean? what is it?) guides human action. Gosh, does just being close to UT and its 17-22 year olds cause forays into conversations about psychology?

The evening continued to cool down but still quite OK for even me who yearns for next summer already. There were plenty of folks sitting outside in shadows. We cross over at 30th (Toy Joy) and, after passing numerous winding down vendors, to our car. I note that the #1 bus stops frequently here, even at this hour.

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