3rd Thursday on Guadalupe, Austin TX   2005-09-15

We are going out later and later to keep from walking around in a roaster. We parked around the corner from the now complete razed old Ruth Chris Steak house. We started off at Wheatsville with free samples of tasty fake ice cream. It tasted alright, but costs almost twice what other less tasty fake ice cream does. Maybe if and when production soars the cost might come down.

A couple blocks further south we crossed over to Tom's Tabooley for the usual 2-fer and that spicy, Jamaican Ginger Beer. I was looking forward to real beer at the music gathering over a Waterloo Cycles but I swear they played their last note as we came around the corner... and all the beer was gone; consumed evidently.

We walked back north past that display you see in the middle and after pawing the goodies for a bit took off for home. We were drawn by this very rowdy bunch which seemed to specialize in loud, short phrases, repeated 30 to 40 times to varying notes and beats. Near as Carol and I could tell, it was "Double platter, double platter!" that they kept shouting. Who knows...

It was a little after 10 when we got home.

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