Map to Third Thursday

3rd Thursday on Guadalupe, Austin TX   2005-06-16

  Last time was noticeably cooler and more highly attended. Still, starting at 7:15 gave us enough time to get around. We drove again, parking adjacent to the building of the recently moved Half Price Books. Crossing Guadalupe is not to be taken lightly. We did it 4 times. We noted a crowd at 6 Instep and decided to catch them later. So we headed south past ChangeO's, past EcoWash, past Ruby's BBQ, and dropped in on 4 Waterloo Cycles and asked Michael Zakes about the advertized movie. He was of the opinion that the guys who do the whole volunteer thing would be "no shows".

  So up to the light between Milto's and Toy Joy. While we waited out the light with me hiding my eyes by blocking the setting sun with the Guadalupe street sign, Carol noted that the Taco Shack's famous shack tacos was closed; probably strictly a lunch place. We moved to just north of Toy Joy to 5Tom's Tabooley for a couple of Falfafel Wraps, a triangle of baklava and a bottle of ginger beer with peppery bite of ginger.

  After the very friendly visit there, we crossed over to Instep and Carol successfully shopped for a pair of sandals while I listened to some sort of a group singing next to Wheatsville. We got our 3rd Thursday "shopping" card stamped, accepted a cup of lemonade from Instep, checked out the sample salsas that Wheatsville had out. Ending this part we crossed over to our car and headed on down Guadalupe.

  Parking was not hard. I parked within a half a block of Guadalupe down near 25th. We walked on down to 1 23rd St. Renaissance Market and caught them just closing up as the light was failing (but cooling off!). Some of the metal coated jewelry really catches the ambient light, almost being iridescent.

  A crowd had formed in 2 front of the old Tower Records [old Texas Theater] to watch a guy twirling a baton burning at both ends. An equal size crowd was just breaking up from watching a young guy pound nails into his skull through his nose with a claw hammer. I couldn't watch.

  Our real goal was the booths just outside of 3 Kerbey Lane. There we found Kathy Villa, polymer clay artist, where I got these 2 photos. I hope to give her a rock to put one of those glitter blue with brain cane lizards on for our water pond. I could see that orange one on someone's desk.

  Right next to that booth was Candles By Diane. It was quite dark by now, hence my photos were suffering. Carol bought one (and got her to initial our card). We actually sniffed just about everyone of those. One even had oil of cilantro.

  As Ms. McAshan of Stained Glass Creations had jewelry that is more art work than adornment. Some of them kept me looking far further than would be socially acceptable had it been being worn. My photo truly fails to do the 3 dimensional quality justice, but her website does show what I saw.

Well, that was enough for one evening and we walked back to the car, threaded our way through thinning traffic and arrived back home about 9:45. I was hard to believe we did all of than in just a couple hours. I'm looking forward to July 21st.

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